Is this your auction???

HERE is an auction for some Magura Raceline brakes, with ableed kit for $25. It said unicycle on it, so I had to look here first. If this is you, and you don’t sell them, please let me know as I would like to buy them at a later date.

Does anyone know if this any different than the magura hydraulic brakes sold on

Yep, basically the same item, only a different color and model.

Note that those are not the HS33 model. The main difference is that they don’t have the adjuster knob on the brake lever that allows you to easily adjust the brake pad clearance. Another difference is that the brake lever is actually longer than the HS33 lever which could affect fit and reach.

With this model you can still adjust the brake pad clearance though right…just not as easily?

I would imagine that you would have to be able to adjust the brake pad distance from the rim, otherwise you would have to use spacers to make it closer, and and slimmer pads to make it farther…

Does anyone know how you would adjust the pads on the racelines?

I think that lever is like the HS11. In that case there is a little set screw that you turn with an allen key to adjust the pads for pad wear and general fine tuning adjustments. Not as convenient as the knob on the HS33, but still adjustable. They’ll work fine. They’re just different than the HS33.

When you get a Magura brake I would suggest downloading the shop manuals and other relevant technical documents from the
Magura download page. Those documents will have all of the info you need to setup and adjust the brake for optimal use. The Magura Cult is also a great source for information on how to properly bleed the brake and other things (like what fluid to use).

Thanks for the information. I might have to place a bid to have some brakes for my 29er, which should help me a lot on the mountain roads.