Is this uni really a 28"?
I kind of want a big wheeled unicycle for commuting and don’t have the cash for a 29" or 36" unfortunately, wondering if this is a actually 28". The picture shows it as a 20 inch, so I don’t know.

Interesting. The description doesn’t really go one way or the other.

I’d be shocked if a cycle company (Niagara Cycle Works) could overlook and mislabel wheel size. I’d say it is a 28" (although ridiculously cheap).

Don’t take my word for it though. If I were you, I just wouldn’t buy it. Seems kinda sketchy.

Yes…I think

I am pretty sure that Sun makes a 28" uni and that is what other websites say so I would think so.

Also, if you want a big wheel then don’t get a Sun, anything but a Sun.

If it really is a 28 (which I doubt), you don’t want it. Try finding a decent replacement tire for it!

I’ve purchased from Niagara several times and always had a good experience with them. Why don’t you call them up and ask about it, maybe they can check it and see what size it really is.

By the way, I’m pretty sure that Niagara has a No Return Policy on unicycles, so if you call, check on that for sure.

It looks like a 20" and is the same image as a Sun Classic 20" on amazon.

Probably just a typo.

28", 29", and 700 all use the same rim diameter.

Yeah, either a typo or the image is incorrect. If that’s a “28” then it must have those patented 400mm cranks that MuniAddict (IIRC) had on one of his unis.

Are the sun’s really horrible or what? I just was thinking it is like around 200 dollars cheaper then a 29 inch if it was a 28 inch.

Sun does make a 28". If you are interested in purchasing one from Niagara I’d call and have them verify the size. It looks like they used the same picture for all the Sun unicycles.

If you click on unicycles and view “all” you will see what I mean.
I’d ask them to confirm the actual size before purchase and get the person’s name you speak to if you go this route.

I’ve purchased from both Niagara Cycles and Sunrise Cyclery and had no issues. Sunrise shipped quickly. The reason I mention Sunrise is it looks like this is the unicycle picture for Sun Unicycles that stores post,
check this out:

If you purchase, if it were me I would still call first and confirm that what I was purchasing was in fact a 28. Good luck.

alright thanks, I may not purchase it right now but when I do I’ll definately call to confirm, How weak is it though? You guys don’t think it would bend riding off or down a curb do you?

The photo is of a 20. Look at the cranks.

And what would your inseam length be to be able to ride a 28" with a seat post like that?


I’ve heard people say the Sun 28" is actually not bad for normal road riding. Not strong enough for much hopping or muni, but as long as you bear the low price in mind and don’t abuse it it’ll probably be fine.

Like people have said, don’t worry about the 28" size - these days it’s often used (mostly in the USA) to describe a 700c rim with normal sized tyre (with a fat tyre the same rim is known as 29"). There used to be a separate 28" wheel (known as “policeman’s bicycle” size) but those are long gone.

Check it is a 28" though if you go for it - the picture is definitely a 20".

Crankc can be variable in length, I think you better estimate based on the size of the pedal
(but the result is the same; no way that picture displays the 28" that may be offered here).

I knew I remembered seeing it on here. From the post your 36er thread:

Is that supposed to be the 28" schwinn?