Is This Trials Unicycling? (probably not...)

Today, I made my first attempt at (extremely light) trials unicycling at a nearby elementary school. I rode around the kids’ playground for an hour. I am afraid my weight would break the unicycle, so no jumps or grinds for now. Don’t worry, no children were harmed in the making of this video.

Great idea! Never thought about unicycling a slalom :slight_smile:

Perfect for learning unicycling narrow circles …

Nice video! Thx for uploading :slight_smile:

Thanks! To be honest, i have been practicing for a few weeks–I was never able to make tight turns–and this was the first time I was able to ride from beginning to end without having to dismount. On to learning backward unicycling next! Anyone have any tips for that?

Cool man! I did the same today at a local skatepark for a bit of fun, just on my spare torker cx lol can’t wait to get my 24 muni and kris holm 20 :slight_smile:

I am rather jealous. You know, I was always a big wheel kind of person, but now I am starting to get the bug to buy a 20". There is just so much potential when you are on such a small wheel.

Well done! Riding and video. Fun.

Nice job on the post slalom there. Still can’t turn that sharply… more than once.

Thanks for all the support!

Get a 20 u will love it, I like all kinds of riding but street is my favourite and a bit of muni :slight_smile:

No, but keep at it :slight_smile:

A good place to start is stairs, pallats, and the beginning/intermediate trials game thread here (start w/ the first few “tricks” of each game.)

Playgrounds can be great spots for intermediat through advanced trials.