Is this thing sick or what

Check this puppy out… just saw it perusing craigslist looking for unis for the club…

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didn’t you learn your lesson on the past THREAD!!!ah and that looks wicked neato

yes i did, im sorry, i did this directly after that one thread


There is a brief shot of something like this in the New York Unicyclists video.

Are you in Boston? I see that you were searching Craiglist Boston.

Brian wants this thing SO bad. He was telling me over AIM.

(the conversation below was altered)

Oh come on. (EDIT: I did not change this conversation)

Mylument Rammel is me and guitardude88 is Chexjc.

guitardude88: yo you should get this
Mylument Rammel: waste of money
guitardude88: for 50 bucks?
Mylument Rammel: yes
Mylument Rammel: what would I do with that
guitardude88: give it to me?
Mylument Rammel: get it yourself and have it shipped to me for out next ride?
guitardude88: eh
guitardude88: lol
guitardude88: i don’t even have 50 bucks
Mylument Rammel: exactly
Mylument Rammel: neither do I and I’d rather get a new hub
guitardude88: hm
Mylument Rammel: that thing looks retarded
guitardude88: yeah, but it’d be fun
guitardude88: it has a freewheel
guitardude88: and a locked wheel
guitardude88: thats cool
Mylument Rammel: id never ride around on that
guitardude88: loser
Mylument Rammel: thats you for wanting to ride on it
guitardude88: if I put that thing on the ground in front of you
guitardude88: you’d ride it
guitardude88: lol
Mylument Rammel: no I wouldnt

I’d ride it. Mainly just for the novelty, but it would be fun to have and let others who aren’t experienced with unicycles ride it.


Lol ive seen seperate handle bars and a trainer wheel at the back but never anything like that lol

i’ve ridden one of these, they are quite a laugh, not too tricky to ride with the frame unlocked, but really hard to ride like a unicycle on the back wheel.

Yeah, i’m about 45 min out of Boston…i was at unicycle day at DAS

Hey, I’ve got one of those!

They’re dead wierd to ride. They are harder than riding a bike, and harder than riding a unicycle! But there’s a whole bunch of tricks you can do on them that you can’t on either a bike or a unicycle.


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i used to have one of those, I had it before I could unicycle actually.
they’re weird.


Aw man, I thought you meant it was going to be a completely adorable little puppy. :roll_eyes: