Is This Still True about Unicycling at St. Helen's School?

At St. Helen’s School in Newbury, Ohio, unicycling is a mandatory
subject. The students are allowed to ride their unicycles in the halls
between classes. Collisions are surprisingly few. - from

Their website does not say anything about unicycling. However, they do have “pizza bingo” on the calendar.

No,…Unfortunately this is not true anymore. Although it was at the time. Father Moran allowed us kids to ride our unicycles from one class to the next because we simply had no place to store them other than the truck or the garage next to the church. I attended St. Helens in Newbury from 4th through 8th grade. The tallest unicycle we could ride in the school at any given time was the 5foot ride. anything higher and you couldn’t get through the doorways! Dave Butcher ,…our resident dare-devil,…Rode the tallest Unicycle in the world at that time. It was as high as a standard telephone pole !,…FYI

Looks like “pizza bingo” has gone the way of unicycling at St. Helen’s. :frowning: