Is this spoke pattern ok?

Is this good or needs to be changed?
sorry about the quality I’ll upload better ones as soon as i find a camera

Picture 4.jpg

Picture 5.jpg

Looks a little unconventional, but I’m not expert

Better photo:


It’s not going to be as strong as a three-cross… but it will be like… a half of a spoke lighter… if you’re that concerned about weight.

:thinking: How does the arrangment of spokes make the wight diffrent

I think he was implying that you have bailed 1 out of 3 spokes?
But they are just arranged differently yeah? so no weight loss.

I count 36 spokes, I followed this spoke pattern. Well 36 spokes in 1 type of pattern must wight the same as in a difrent pattern.

Yep, 36 will weight the same in ANY patten!
Just a question, how long did it take you to build??

an hour to lace(well mabey 45mins?), I’m gona tighten it when I’m sure the pattern is good. Tensioning will take me about 2 hours (aparently)

It’s not 3 cross, that’s for sure.
I did it via there to, it supposed to be a 3cross pattern that you must have after you build the wheel.
Mine is 3 cross as it should be with that guide, so you did something wrong.
But the wheel will be fine though, just a little bit weaker.

Peter M


The greater the angle of the spoke out of the hub means a farther distance to the rim, meaning longer spokes. Longer spokes = more metal = more weight.

Radial lacing is the lightest. Though you really are foolish to pick radial for weight reasons, because its saves so little. But some bikers do.

Also, It looks like your spokes are too long, which would be very true if you got spokes cut to length for a 3 cross and you ended up with a 2 cross.

[QUOTE=Evan Byrne]
Well that depends what size spoke you use…
Ok, i’ll admit, my bad, but 36 of the same sized spokes will weight the same in any arrangement:D

ok guys how do I make it stronger?

Edit: evan the spokes arn’t tight if that changes anything

+1 for Evan. Thanks for posting exactly what I was about to post.

Where did you get the spokes? Were they intended for that hub/rim and 3x? If so dont bother tightening them, it wont work. I can already guess that they wont seeing has how the nipples arent even visable and its laced up.

Relace it to three-cross.

Well, you’ll have to take it all apart to make it stronger. Do you have any wheels that are already built in 3 cross? Look at that and make your wheel from the existing one. But if your spokes fit how they are now(2 cross), then you’d have to find a spoke calculator and find the right length spokes for 3 cross. Once you have that, either follow the sheldon brown website, or follow your existing 3 cross wheel and build it.

It should look like this when done. It’s hard to tell, but one spoke crosses another spok 3 times.

Looks wrong to me also. I just laced my first wheel, the spokes were too long for a 3 cross pattern, so I tried a 4 cross, which is what yours looks like.

My guess is that your spokes will be too long to do a 3 cross. A LBS measured my rim and hub (Alex DX 32 26" & KH ISIS) and arrived at 264mm using an on-line calculator, which was 1mm longer than the 263mm spokes that didn’t work for my first try. Apparently the on-line calculator had the wrong data for my application: data had a non eyeleted rim. The LBS sold me 262mm DTs which had less of a J-bend at the spoke head and the wheel laced perfectly…

To butt in on this “Make it stronger” conversation, What do you mean by stronger? If you want it stronger laterally you should radial lace it. If you want the best transfer of torque do 4 cross. If you want a happy medium do 3 cross. Different lacing patterns have different advantages, No one lacing pattern is “better” than the other, Though there will be an optimum for what kind of riding the wheel will get and what number of spokes, size wheel, strength rim etc etc.

That’s 2 cross, each spoke crosses 2 others before it reaches the rim. You will almost certainly find that the nipples won’t be able to go far enough down the spoke to get the wheel tight if you bought spokes the correct length for 3 cross, I’m afraid you need to pull it apart and do it 3 cross. This means that each spoke crosses 3 other spokes from the same flange before it reaches the rim. Each spoke needs to go through the rim through a hole further round in the direction the spoke is pointing. The sheldon brown tutorial is for three cross, chekc the pattern carefully against your own.