is this really smart

i haven’t did anything on my uni except ride and a few other thing that are small. the reason for this is i have been saving up for a trials uni and i haven’t got it yet. it this stupid or should i wait for my trials uni then ride hard. i think i would be a whole lot better if i had my trials uni because i wouldn’t b e afraid to break my uni. the question is should i start riding hard and probably break my uni of just wait.

I think your current uni will hold up alright untill you get your trials. As long as your not doing like 6ft drops on it or anything nuts like that it should be fine. I rode my learner uni into the ground with drops of up to 2 feet onto the grass and 1.5 ft to hard concrete and i weight 230lbs and the cranks are still straight as pins

im going to start riding hard.

I didnt say go ride hard!..I said that it could take it…I didnt say you should go try to break it!

i know what you meant. I meant that i am going to ride harder then i do now.

Its your uni,…

Spend your time now with the wimpy uni learning freestyle. Freestyle won’t break the unicycle and you’ll be a better rider when you finally get your trials uni.

Is there any point in wrecking a perfectly good unicycle because you can’t wait for your new one to arrive? Don’t ride it hard, learn some freestyle instead and then even if once you get your trials you don’t want to ride it anymore atleast it has resale value.

I had to wait for my trials just like you are now.

What I did, was keep things simple, but still being able to advance in trials, by practicing my accuracy, jumping form one tiny stone, to the next, to the next, riding along skinnies, learning good rollout and landing techniques. All of that can be done with out even going off a 1-foot drop, you can even use chalk to draw squares on the ground or lines and use those as obstacles, squares can be rocks, lines can be a pole.

You can continue using your old uni for freestyle, as have been said before, and keep it to practice the small important things that really matter.

Once you get a trials you can start practicing the drops and heights that would brake your old uni, but because you honed in on your important skills on your old one, your gonna be really good on the new.