is this ok?

heavy is showing the universe 2 trailer, but they never say what it is, or show the end where it would tell people that its from universe 2. is that ok? seems kinda fishy to me but i could be wrong.

ohhhhh yeah i should at least point you guys in the right direction, after the advert its the vid in the middle on the right side.

It really all depends if they have permission from Dan or not. It’s illegal to post an image or video onlien without permission of the owner, as well as anyone who appears in the picture or video.

But copyright law is rarely followe don the internet.

… im lost…

That definitely is the trailer from Universe 2. I’m not sure if you could really count that as being illegal, or a breach of copyright, since the trailer is readily available for download from Syko’s website (I could be wrong though).

It’d be better if they actually showed the part with Syko’s contact information, so people could actually buy the dvd if they were interested.

“Extreme Unicycle Action! Sounds dumb…but watch and be awed”

I think its illegal if you are making money off someone else’s copyrighted material. is making money from the advertising, and they use that video to draw people to the advertising, so I’d say it’s illegal.

I think while illeagal it could be alot worse, at least they have the sounds dumb buy be awed, is a fairly big site as far as traffic goes, I’ve seen alot of clips from it and know alot of other people that frequent the sight fairly regularly who usually are not interested in unicycling.

Dan is really the only one who has a say if it should be taken down or not, me I’m just glad its good exposure rather than negitive.

And hey, its only the trailer, footage from the rest of the movie would be alot worse.

personally i would just be pissed that the edited the video… i mean they cut the beginning and the end… that has to be a breach of copy right law… seems unfair that they can do that… i mean it’s all good if it’s adversiting… but cutting it like that is just mean!