Is this multitool?

is it good to have a multitool?
i cant get a unicycle multitool and i need a tool :stuck_out_tongue:
soo i got this question:

is this multitool Worth it? its from crankbrothers and it has the keys that i need to support my unicycle:

i got a bad english soo please be gentle :slight_smile:
please help me im desperd :frowning:

you can most likely buy something a lot cheaper from somewhere like amazon :slight_smile:

I have one and it is the best one i have ever used. 5 years old and carried everywere. would recommend more than some cheap one. will last forever.

unfortunately i am not able to buy from amazon or from ebay and every kind of web stores D: soo this multitool is my last hope :roll_eyes:

Half that stuff you’ll never use on the trail.

What I use is a small cressent wrench (ground to fit pedals better), a couple of allens, patch kit, and alluninum tire levers. Together I bet they are lighter than that multitool and definately cheaper.

dood just go to walmart. they got the same thing for like 5$. and it’ll last forever

Just get it cheap, from supermarket. All you need are a few allen keys, screw driver and spanner attachments, and no company can go wrong in making that.

you don’t use tools much do you?
i would suggest singling out the tools you really need, and buying quality tools, then fashioning your own way of keeping them together, like using a rubber band… if you do go w/ a multi-tool i suggest getting a decent one, the cheaper ones available at supermarkets break, bend and are not useful after a while, but investing in non-powered tools should be a lifetime investment.

Actually mate, I use tools quite often- When wrenching on my bikes, my old classic car or on my motocross bikes, so you are very wrong.

I would never buy a multi tool like that for 27 euro. You’re buying more than you need. A 10 euro one would last you forever. All the tools I am using are cheap and have not broken at all!

+1, wurd

none of my cheap multi tools have ever broke. i’ve lost them before…yes…broke…no.

I’d rather pay for a higher quality tool than a super cheap one. I’ve worked as a bike mechanician (well, the guys that repair bikes) and I can easily say that higher quality tools are so much better to work with and will last even longer than the cheap ones.

On the other hand, the only multi-tool I use is my allen key set, which only contains allen keys. I like to work better with specific tools, for example I have a signle size spoke wrench, so much easeir to work with that than those multi size spoke wrenches that to have to find the good size everytime you put you tool away or whenever you drop while using it (that happens to me way too often haha).

This is THE GREATEST MULTITOOL THAT EXISTS :slight_smile: end of story.

Had mine forever, it’s tough, it’s light, and it has no moving parts and all the right sizes. And it’s less than 10 bucks, you can find them at most b*ke shops.

really though, I love this thing to death. I have a 30 dollar specialized multitool, and I barely ever use it because it’s too bulky.

If you’re working in a shop on lots of bikes all the time sure. But for the casual person who only occasionally works on their own uni, and they’re out in the woods, I would recommend a cheap one. In case you lose it.

Save your expensive sunglasses for riding in your porche, and your cheap $5 dollar ones for riding muni!

The biggest problem with that tool is that the allen wrench parts are not going to be able to fit into tight spaces. Try using that to tighten some of the allen botls on a KH seat with a handle installed or on my bearing holders with a disk rotor installed. It’s a sweet tool but lacking as well.

My advice: Get a set of ball-head allen wrenches 4" long, a pedal wrench (15mm) and maybe a screw driver (Not sure any of my unis would require a screw driver). The long-ish ball-head allen wrenches will get you into just about any space a uni can throw at you. If you have an older KH or nimbus seat (not sure about the rest), you’ll need a 9mm or 10mm socket and small 1/2" drive, other than that, uni tool kits are minimal, mostly allen wrenches; but they do need to be versatile as there are many small and awkward spaces you may find yourself working in on the trail or out for a road ride.

true tirving, it is not absolutely perfect, and does have trouble in tight spaces, but it’s compact, light and durable. There are some cases were I may only be able to squeak a 6th of a rotation out of each turn, but I can always get it to work.

Dunno about the bearing holders with a disk brake, I would be at home for that job anyway and would just use a regular old keyring set.

I’ve heard good and bad things about the ball allen wrenches. I hear they wear out the hole, anybody else heard this? Could be the old fogeys throwing me for a loop though, I don’t see why they would, but then I don’t see why everybody doesn’t sell the ball joint ones now. . . .

That multitool is really usefull to carry around, as it can fix anything except for pedals pretty much.

I agree it’d be nicer to have individual tools, but on the go, the multitool is better, imo.

All the allen wrenches I have were free in Ikea flat packed furniture :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t see them breaking any time soon.

They can, for the torque we need, it’s fine. Most have a ball end and a regular hex end.