Is this Maxxis creepy crawler the same as the one on UDC?

Hi. I ran over my brand new Nimbus 20" trials unicycle with my car :frowning: . Needs a new Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire (and luckily nothing else).

Is this:

the same as this?:

It’s a bit cheeper :smiley: .

Thanks in advance.

The description lists ISO diameter at 387 and states: “OE tire on Torker DX 20” Unicycle. Fits 19" rim only." Yep, it will fit your Nimbus trials.

Wait a minute… how did you wreck just the tire by running over your unicycle. If anything I would think the tire is least likely thing to need replacement in such an event.

I have no idea! I didn’t run it over that badly I guess, I just started to hear a horrible crunching… stopped… rolled forward… got out and checked and sure enough the tire was totally flat and had some holes in it. Sure adds credibility to the nimbus trials unis though. Bombproof!

What do people like to use this tire for mostly? I might grab one at that price

If I remember correctly less grip, bounce, life, and more weight than some of the others, esp the Try-All.

Read Sponges review.
I wonder if this tire and the Luna/Echo are a better deal in tread life/$ value if you don’t mind less grip, etc. I’m sure it’s in there, but I’m too lazy to read through the whole thing & I don’t have a trials yet.

Thanks so much! That review thread is great. I might just look for the Eagle Claw one instead. Maybe running over my uni was a good thing after all :roll_eyes:

Since I cannot edit my previous post:

EDIT: Anyone know where I can find one (Eagle Claw)??? I’m pretty decent at Google and found nothing… Check Amazon and UDC and found nothing…

You may have to order one from Tarty. I seem to remember from a while back that they are hard to get in the U.S.

You could check the U.S. trials sites like:

They are very hard to find. Where are you from?

New Jersey, USA. Also, how do you know it’s the right one? Would it be 20" by 2.5-2.6"? Is there any difference between this and a BIKE trials tire? Or are they the same. Thanks so much guys.

You need to look at the ISO size. The creepy crawler comes in 20x2.5 (67-387), and 20x2.0 (54-406). In the parentheses the first number is the width in mm’s, and the second is the Bead Seat Diameter of the rim (BSD). A BSD of 387 is for a 19" trials rim, and a BSD of 406 is for a standard 20" rim like what BMX bikes have. So, look for a rim with a BSD of 387, and you’ll be fine.

As for the eagle claw, I can’t think of anyone in the states that is selling Monty, but that’s what I’d look for. If someone is carrying the line they will probably have the tire, or at least be able to get it for you. Unless it’s not being made anymore.

i wouldn’t know but i don’t think it would make much of a difference if you use a bike tire

i wouldn’t know but i don’t think it would make much of a difference if you use a bike tire

For unicycle trials, you want a trials bike’s rear tire, which fit’s on a 19" rim. But trials bikes also have 20" rims, on the front wheel, so you have to watch out for those tires.

I’d sell you my eagle claw, for the right price. I’ve never used it :stuck_out_tongue:

I found a place that has the Eagle Claw and will ship to US!!!

So I have one more question. Will this:

definitely fit my Nimbus Trials 20" ? I just wanna double check before I shell out $65. Thanks.

immOrtal, Renegade Juggling may be able to get you an Eagle Claw. I ordered a 20" uni from them and it shipped with that tire. So they may have one laying around they can sell to you. They definitely have Try-All tires, which are just as good as the Eagle Claw. Renegade is located in California, so it’s worth checking out because if they do have one shipping will be cheaper and faster.