Is this fake?

Hi All,

Please check out this video of a guy riding a unicycle up stairs backwards! I am pretty sure that it is a fake. What is everyones input on it.

Riding up Stairs Backwards!


it’s fake, it’s a video played in reverse. Did he seriously negotiate that course without once looking backwards? why would he start out so he had to make a sharp turn before the first flight? you can see on the final set he’s not putting in nearly enough effort to ride up a stair set like that

I know this guy, its real dont know how he does it. But its impossible to fake something like this.

despite that fact you’re German and he lives in the US?

Who is he?

Luzt, Who is the guy? I think that he would get Kris Holm status for being able to ride up the stairs backwards like that!


+1 :smiley:

What the? I just watched this video before you posted it. Of course it’s fake. pretty sure you’d need a better uni to do something like that

look how the front of the uni moves…now look at when he goes for the last set of stairs (or first???) does anyones hand come off that fast and also notice his hand grabbing his seat…FAKE…

yep, its a fake guys

My gues if fake. He also faked this long basket ball shot, and edited this one w/ tons.

Has anyone ever ridden up a set of stairs backwards? How many?

The easiest way to tell is that he speeds up when he rides up the stairs. Obviously when played forwards he speeds up going down them and when played backwards the overall speed of the video does not change. Riding up something whether it be backwards or forwards you would slow down.

You guys are all just jealous that you can’t ride up stairs backwards at high-speed despite being very wobbly on the flat parts.

IMHO it’s run in reverse

Because of how fast he goes up. It makes sense to flow down that fast, but riding forwards or backwards, he just zips up like water flowing down hill. :roll_eyes:

Has anyone ever managed to ride up a stair set? If so what were the dimentions of the steps? and weres the video?

Yeah, I have done it on my coker (w/150s) a few times. The steps were not that high, but there were about 6-8 of them. The hardest thing is getting over the first step, but after that you just put a lot of force into it and pull up on your seat. I stopped doing it though b/c it seemed like it was bad for the rim.

It’s definately played backwards, I’ve seen the vid with him doing it forwards.

One of Cody’s videos has a guy on a Muni riding up stairs just before Cody I believe glides down a set of stairs.

I’ll look for it, it’s on Photobucket.

EDIT: Can’t get to it, album is private now.

Good Pionts.

Good piont about speeding up as he goes up the stairs.
I have seen a video from Moab where a guy rides up stairs but it is on a 29 inch. I think that it would be very possible to go up tha stairs on a Cocker.
It just seamed to easy though. I also think that the video was just played in reverse.


:smiley: So imagine riding up stairs on this. :smiley:

dat would kill the rim… big waist -o money if you have one of those anyway.