is this a good unicycle?

i’m new to unicycling and i was thinking about getting a sun 20" unicycle. i’m 5’1 and wondering if this is a good size and a good beginner’s unicycle.

It’s alright, a torker lx is the preferred learner though, both will do the job.

a torker lx is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than a sun. i had a sun 20 incher, but it broke when i started learning tricks. when i got my lx, i found it easier to ride, better for tricks, and comfier to ride, its also a little cheaper

If you get a torker lx, don’t make the mistake of getting a 24" unless you want to muni. Definatley get the 20".

We have Torkers at The Unicycle Shop and we will beat any ones price.

they do look nearly identical, but the torker has much better components. for example, the sun frame is cheap thinwall steel, and the torker lx is cromo. also the new ones have a wider crown, and reinforced seat tube

The Sun Classic 20" is actually pretty good. I learned on it, and progressed with it tons. I learned to do stair sets with it and took it up to 6 sets. My first picnic table drops were with it.

The uni is still in my backyard in perfect riding condition. Its been through a lot.

me too i learned alot on the one i had

The unis are good, the seats not so good

A basic 20 is a perfect choice. I recommend this place. I have ordered from them, they are as cheap as anyone, and ship free.

A Sun is fine, a Torker LX is better, and a Torker AX is best (with a cool light alum frame).

They all have poor seats. :frowning: A KH street or free ride saddle is a must IMHO. :smiley: To put one on a Torker you must buy a new seat post, because the bolt pattern for the seat is different.

A Torker AX has a seat post listed as 26 mm something. Yet my KH seat post, 27 mm something, fits perfectly. A KH seat post will fit a Torker AX like it was made for it.

So I’d buy an AX 20, a KH seat post and seat, to have the very best. The lightest nicest to ride beginners uni you can buy.

Can’t afford that ? I’d buy the Sun, and a KH street seat. It will bolt right on, the seat base bolt pattern is the same as KH.

Try not to skimp on the seat. You can move it to other uni’s later. You will have more fun per $ buying a great seat then anything else.:slight_smile: