is this a good uni?

im looking at buying this Qu-Ax trials unicycle.

click here to look at it.

should i get it or not?

it’s ok, i’ve heard some other people say that it’s a little heavy, i dont have one but almost everything i’ve read says that the cranks are WAAAY to long.

its a good strong splined uni. people say that the cranks are a bit long for trials though

the cranks are 145mm. thats as big as you should get for a trials but I think it is the best size.

A lot of people ride with profiles, which are 150mm. =p

Well from what i can tell, it looks like a resonable trials uni. I was thinking of getting one myself. How much does this uni weigh exactly. But i think 150mm is the biggest you should go. Any bigger isn’t worth it. Hoped that helped a little.

BTW welcome to Optimusprime. :smiley: :smiley:

The Qu-Ax is definately a good stron uni. It’s perfect for trials but you might want to get 125s on it for street.

it weighs roughly 15 lbs. which is common for a cheap splined trials

sorry to thread jack but while they do make 150mm most people use 145 for trials/street.

The ones sold on UDC here, say 145, but I think it was John Child who actually measured them, and reported them to actually measure out to 150.

Its still great for street, cause you get tons of torque, but it just isn’t as fast, and they are perfect for trials, or muni. =p

well profiles are 150mm and people like them… personally I sometimes regret the fact my koxx ISIS cranks are as big as 140mm… i wish they were 130-135mm or sommit, but hell… they give alot of torque whcih is nice.

140s are great for trials and street any shorter than 135s and you would have no control.

Torkers have 125s :thinking:

i used 127’s on mine

Yeah… the standard for KH20s is 127 also. I use 127s and I can’t imagine wanting the uni to be any slower than that.

As far as I can tell, it’s solid:

The wheel is machine built and mine was dished out of the box. I just fixed it a few days ago (it was in the mail for a couple of weeks on the return circuit). It’s heavy, but in a pinch, I think I could use the wheelset as a spare on a small hatchback.
I ride 170s on my Muni and I overstep these 145’s a lot-- Qu-ax advertises it as a being a 20" Muni.
I don’t know what to tell you, it’s bombproof. I got it just so I could destroy it learning trials.

Edit: I did the conversion, 14.08lbs