Is this a good uni?

Hay there im a new unicycler and i think i want to get a new unicycle to replace my beginer.
Now im not that experienced but im into freestyle and i also would like to get as light a uni as possible.
I live in the UK so i have
I was thinking along the lines of:
KH 2008 aluminium frame
Qu-Ax Aluminium Cotterless Freestyle Cranks
KHE Stimulatorz Pedals
KH carbon fiber seet.
Seet cover.
Alloy Nimbus Reinforced Seatpost
HookWorm 20
Nimbus II 20" Wheel.

If therre are any gaping holrs i would love to know. I would also like to know if you can think of any better alternatives.

I realy appreciate any advice. :astonished:

Looks like it would be a sweet uni.

If you aren’t already go for the longneck version of the KH frame

I am assuming you mean this wheelset. I don’t know whether there is a rim difference between the Nimbus II and the Nimbus X. They are the same price so it might pay to send Roger an email asking about the difference.

The wheelset is ISIS splined and needs ISIS cranks. Here is the QuAx ISIS cranks. The cotterless ones won’t fit.

If you really want light there are lighter tires than the hookworm, It is not a bad choice but search some bike forums for more info on good 20" tires.

Should be a sweet unicycle. Post some pictures when it is all built up!


Thanx man
‘Looks like it would be a sweet uni.’
And i will use the isis crancs.

thanx emily what frame would you recomend.

Well, my friend, do I have a thread for you… check it out!