Is there any difference? Nimus 29ers

Hey guys, so I’m looking to upgrade to a Nimbus 29er, with a max budget of $400 and i was looking at two unicycles at
What exactly is the difference between each two? (Nimbus touring)
and (Nimbus touring)

From what I can see, they’re identical except for the color.
Also, is the upgrade to Nimbus Isis over the qu axis cranks worth it? also, is the kris holms freeride worth the upgrade? ANd what’s the difference between the freeride and the street.

One last question, this uni will be used around campus (SUNY Stonybrook) as well as for occasional long rides in replacement of my current 20" trainer, is this a wise choice? or would a 26" would be better?

Also, if you guys don’t mind, what about this Muni
Another nimbus 29, this one a muni, as I will have to cut through some occasional grass / curbs to get around people, and might want to try some offroading.
I know i’m asking for help, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

One difference between the two unicycles in the more expensive one has a double-walled rim, which would be much better if you decided to convert it into a muni machine later. I would go for it if you think such riding might be in your future. The other is fine for riding around on the street (with no drops.)

A 29" is a very nice size to cruise around a college campus. I like 125 mm cranks and a KH freerider seat.

Either one would be a great upgrade for a 20".


Thanks Scott! question though; the third one is listed at as a muni. How does it compare to the second one, the one you recomended?

*for a lot of help

I did not see your second post. That one is a muni with a 32 spoke frame and a KH rim.

You just need to look part-by-part to identify the differences and then decide what is important to you. The third one is a muni, and you would probably want a (cheap) road tire to ride it around campus. Munis tend to have longer cranks an nobby wheels. It looks like a good deal, but I would want shorter cranks (125 mm?) and a smoother tire.

The first one is a nice commuting unicycle. The latter two are closer to muni unicycles that you could retrofit to road riding. They will cost more but you could switch them out for cross country or light muni. Is that feature important to you? Is it worth another $100?


All three unicycles are really similar. The big difference between the three are the rims.

The first having a relatively weak (but more than adequate for road riding and dropping off the odd curb) rim.

The second one having a stronger wider rim that would also feel right at home wrapped in a knobby tire, but could possibly be more affected by road camber, which is generally not an issue.

And the Nomad has a KH XC 32h rim, 150mm Venture cranks and a Knobby tire.

Oddly enough the one set up for MUni (Nomad) would probably make the best bombproof commuter (skinnier but very strong rim, fewer spokes for weight savings) except that 150mm cranks are sort of long for the pavement and that knobby would be much more at home on the trails.

If I were to get one the way it was for commuting (and the possibility of MUni in the future) I would go for the second one. But really I would call UDC and see if they would be willing to take the Nomad and swap out the tire for a Big Apple and stick some 125mm ventures on there for the current price. If they don’t agree to that maybe they will keep the price if you get the Qu-Ax cranks instead.

I’d take that double-walled rim over single-walled any day, but I like 'em tough whether I’m going to need it or not. (i.e. isis isn’t really needed on a 36er but it’s nice to have)

.02 : )

if you’re cruising around campus, the . . . well the titan would be my first choice in that price range. . . next would be the second one. : / you get what you pay for. Having said that, the other two are VERY nice, I’ve ridden them both : ) and haven’t ridden the second one

edit: I sound like a bit of a pikey above. . . sorry : ( I have a deep love for the 36er, a 29er is MUCH more convenient for campus. To me it’s worth the expense and hardship of locking it up.

Based on the other comments, I get how I would have to retrofit the third one, but what would have to change exactly to make the second one more road friendly?

Sounds like a plan, but what are the differences between the Qu-Ax cranks and the ventures? I don’t want to skimp out on strength/longevity for a few bucks.

What is the titan you are referring to? Is it one of the three 29" uni’s i mentioned?

And thanks a lot for your replys. I’m loving the feedback.

The third one, the Muni

Plenty like the Nimbus Gel saddle (similar to the KH Street), but almost everybody agrees that the KH Freeride is more comfortable.

If you do lots of steep hills you might want a break.

If you’re thinking of doing moderately tech Muni in the future, I’d get the second w/ V II cranks. If there is little or no Muni in your future I’d do as Sask suggested.

The Qu-Ax cranks are some of the lightest cranks out there and can take a fair amount of abuse. I have a few pairs on various unicycles including some 145s on a MUni. I did wear out the spline interface on one pair after a bunch of swap-outs while I was not using spacers (I know better now) and not lubing the splines before swapping cranks (I know better now).

The Venture cranks are supposed to be considerably stronger without much of a weight penalty. I think the biggest difference is they use a harder alloy.

He is talking about the budget 36" on UDC

The budget 36" might be a little out of my budget, as I’m trying to be a psych guinea pig within the next few months, and the max you can make before you get taxed is like $600. Which would put the 36" in my budget if I wasn’t planning on making my gf happy (sigh, the things we do for love.) I have been dreaming about a big wheel though… might be inconvenient… cool none the less.

But with regards to the topic at hand, I might just do as sask suggested (calling udc, etc.)
Thanks guys. If I change my mind/get dumped (lol) in the time it takes me to save up the money, I’ll be back on here talking 36"ers.
*edit: Back on the forum, but a different thread.

Oops:o I’ve never been great at remembering names.

To make the second one road friendly I would buy the 125 mm cranks and the road tire.

I think if I were making the purchase, I would be tempted to buy the third one with either seat but the 125/150 mm KH cranks ($54) which brings you to $363, just over the price of the second one. I would get the stock tire and then wander over to a LBS and pick up an inexpensive smooth tire for a 29", hopefully 1.75 to 2" in diameter. The whole thing should run about $400 (without shipping) and you would end up with a very nice road cruiser that could be easily switched to a light-duty muni–Fun!

As far as road tires go, I do not really like the 2.35" Big apple tire the UDC uses. I have been told that the 2" version handles better. Here is a random tire I picked out on amazon that might be plausible:

I am sure you can find others, and there are plenty of people here to give you advice.

Good luck with your purchase.


I actually was about to post the same question a few days ago. UDC ran out of the cheaper (red) nimbus 29er so I sent them an email inquiring about when they’d have them back in stock. They replied quickly saying that they found one more and put it online (it might be gone by now) and that it was going to be discontinued and replaced by the road unicycle (the more expensive one mentioned here). I ended up buying the road uni a few days ago; seems like it’s the newest model of the two. Can’t wait to ride it.

got this tire when I restored an old tandem, it’s a really odd feeling rubber and gets pretty slick when it’s wet. I guess you could describe it as “spongy” feeling? Like it squeaked when I turned the wheel. : P I’m not sure. May be better on a uni, does anybody have one on theirs? It certainly rolls efficiently, and I know it can hold up because we had 2 people on the tandem : )

on a separate note: wasn’t the titan $400 at one time? have they upped the price, or am I bonkers?

I got the

  • with 125 Quax cranks (I apreciate the “no Q-factor”)

  • the freeride saddle and the

  • 2.0 Big Apple. (I’m not comfortable with the Big Apple 2,35)

I’m really happy and satisfied with this setup. Rides smooth and comfortable. And the black fork looks great :wink:

Guess the cheaper touring will also ride exactly the same, but the tyre, saddle and cranks make the main difference.