is the nimbus II 20" a good solid unicycle?

hi, i have been riding a torker lx for awhile and i would like an upgrade.
the nimbus II 20" looks like a nice one but i would love to hear your guys opinion on it. or any other suggestions for a unicycle that would be in the $250 and lower range. i would be using this for street freestyle.

and also,

i am about 5’9 so would this work for my height?
what seat post size would be best?
and are the standard cranks best or is another size better?
is the 20" or 24" better for my height and for freestyle?

thank you all.

That would be an okay uni. It would deffantly stand up to a beating. I also like my qu-ax cranks so no need to spend $125 on KH Moments. I am in your height range and I have a 300mm seat post and it’s perfect. The twenty inch would be way better for what you plan on doing. Over all I think it would be a fine investment but there are nicer unis out there. A good uni is the Nimbus Trials. It’s almost the same, but a better rim and cranks with a differnt tire.


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Your gonna have to decide which discipline you want to put most of your time into. Street or Freestyle?. You can dabble in either with a unicycle built for whichever, tho a freestyle uni will be much much better for freestyle than a street uni. As well as a street uni being much much better for street than a freestyle. I would say that it is prolly easier for a beginner to learn some freestyle with a street setup than it would be to learn street on a freestyle setup. The uni you linked to has a 20" tire which is ideal for freestyle , however for street you will gain from having a 19" (trials) type wheel.

With that said I will recommend this uni: .

It is just a bit more than than 250, but worth every penny. It will be great for street and easy enough to upgrade when you want some new parts. This IMO is the best off the rack street uni on the market without breaking into the next money bracket. It will work pretty well for playing around with freestyle tricks while not limiting your big drops and such with street riding.

thank you, so if i went with that one, what seatpost would be best for my height of 5’9 my inseam is about 33 inches?

The seat post that comes with it would be fine. If it is to long then just cut it.

I like your style Emile, you’re really honest :smiley: :roll_eyes:

I didn’t tryied it in freestyle setup, but at UNICON I heard bad things about the frame for freestyle…

I think That the nimbus trials is a better deal or Here

Edit: for street get This

yeah nimbus trial is much better

so this:

is different, and stronger than this?:

it looks the same to me.

i want one that will take a beating and still keep going.

well no the second one has a longer neck and a falt crown.

the long neck is so the seat clamp is out of the way and the flat crown is for stand on crown tricks.

The trials (the first one) has a stronger crown (not much but still) and short neck for seat in high hops used in trials.

hope this helps.

and if im wrong pls correct me

Nicf Your right. If your interested in doing freestyle and street I would get the Nimbus street unicycle. Both are excellent choices tho.

i think im going with the trials one, as i have always wanted to do trials. and it looks quite durable too. i should be able to pull off some freestyle tricks with it too.

thank you all for helping me with this.

Both are good unis. The longneck frame (the one on the street uni) looks to be a bit more expensive than the nimbus II (the one on the trials). So to me the street uni is a better deal price and product wise. I like the longneck frame a bit more, however the Trials frame takes a larger seatpost, which will be stronger.


Pure garbage. I am referring to your comment. Just wanted to make it clear to what my opinion was about.

First off I disagree with what you said. Secondly it is not clear what unicycle you are talking about. A. The unicycle the title of this thread is asking about. or B. The unicycle I linked to.

Either way I disagree. And your comment is quite useless and rude to someone asking advice. You need to at least back up your OPINION with reasons you feel that way. It would also help your case that to say I think, or I feel. This way there is no confusion about you stating your thoughts and opinions as fact.

would i still be able to do street pretty well with the trials?

yes you should

Yea, they will be pretty much the same for street.


If you’re being sarcastic than you need to put the :roll_eyes: sarcastic :roll_eyes: