is the frame that important?

is the frame a really important part of the unicycle? it seems to me that the hub/crank/wheelset are the most important parts of the unicycle and the frame really doesn’t take much abuse at all, at least compared to the wheel. so i guess my question is, besides being mayber lighter weight, what advantages does say a kris holm pro series frame have over a torker dx frame? i mean, is frame strength really that important?

It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll ever break a frame, and weight is not that important a factor either. The really important questions about frames are what tires they’ll fit, bearing holder style, whether they have brake bosses (if you care), and whether there’s a place for your foot (if you care).

Oh, and seat post diameter, once someone starts making frames with a more reasonable seat post diameter (like 27.2mm).

I dont know how heavy the kh frame is, but the only downside to the dx is where the frame is welded in the middle, after you get that rewelded its fine, the only ime i think the frames get much abuse is when landing wrong, if you dont mess up it wont break…

Frame stiffness and frame flex may be a factors for those with brakes or clearances with wider tires.

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Yes; without it the seat would fall off :slight_smile:

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(contemplates a cardboard frame)

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Frames with lollipop bearings get broken…frequently.

I personally don’t use a frame. It just adds extra weight.

which uni frame

Help me out,which muni frame should i get??
Needs to be a 26" with brake mounts.
Needs to have 3.0 clearance.
Candidates so far: Bedford, hunter(?$?),
Anyone with any other ideas for me please.

In the land of the free I should be able to ride to the movies and park my unicycle right down by the screen.

Get a GB4

And the question is how long time it will last!

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im still waiting to hear about a cracked KH 2005 frame. its bound to happen at some point since Aluminum (sp?) gets brittle over time leading to stess cracks. i think it will occur in the seat tube to crown weld area. a Hunter style AL frame would last much longer in that respect,less torsion.

its cool that we havent heard about one yet but its just what happens to AL over time.

the resale value of a used 2005 KH frame will be less like all AL items that support rider stress. thats somthing to be consitered too.

edit: r

which frame?

Is there anybody out there who has any experience with Dirtuni frames??


Unicycles and endoskeletons a both too heavy. Ever consider getting rid of those non-essential bones to save on weight?

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the frame is important where would you sit if you didnt have a frame?

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I think he means is it important to have a really really strong frame, since the frame doesn’t get that much beating compared to the rest of the uni.

My frame is taking a beating…

mostly from bashes & stuff though. not from giant drops.

EDIT: frame lightness matters if you want to hop high. I really like my light MUni.

true the frame does get scratched and hit and banged up a lot. but it doesn’t take that much stress from big drops or anything like that, not compared to the rest of the uni.

Re: which frame?

they are a little on the heavy side and fairly expensive (300) compared to other frames available.

they may have lightened them up by now, the only one i checked out was a long time ago. i almost got one last year but decided to save 75 bucks and go with the steel KH24 frame.

get one, tell us all about it because those Bend riders never post here.