is that Dan Heaton on the Vodpod mainpage?

Yeah… that MUST be Heaton.

Yes it is, it’s the picture I used for the Unicycle Pod, sorry if you were expecting more.


Er, does that mean that you made this site? I just noticed there’s a link to some BC wheeling on the main page too.

No I didn’t make it but I started the unicycling pod and now alot of guys post there vids on it, including spencer.

Thats quite cool, cool enough that I shall disregard the blatent copyright infringment :open_mouth:

Haha, I’m sure that Dan or whoever it is that owns the picture will be fine with me using it as I’m trying to promote and enhance the public conceptions of unicycling. If the person that does own it has a problem with me using it, I will gladly take it down and use one of my own pictures.