"Is street, trials and flatland dead?"

I heard the following from a friend, and agree totally!

“Is street, trials and flatland dead?”

I would say it’s plateaued pretty much! I mean how many of the same old tricks can we keep watching over and over and over? Crankflips, unispins, blah blah blah!

And trials? Up some pallets, off some pallets, across a skinny. Pretty much everything we see in these kinds of videos is nothing more than a variation on the same stuff!

Now of course, I’m being silly and exaggerating, but it’s pretty much the same thing just flipped around to illustrate just how REDICULOUS the “Is Muni dead” thread is!

Mountain unicycling is about getting out there and living it and loving it, and instead of those few of you complaining about it being less than what you would like it to be, get out there and push your OWN limits! That’s all that counts!

And you know, not every trail has 10’ drops or ultra-difficult terrain, so it’s different every time. I judge uni videos, trials, flat, muni whatever, by how entertaining and original it is, not just by how well, or how many tricks are performed. It’s got to also have heart & soul and some PERSONALITY too, imo.

I only know that this unageezer guy blows me away and I thought he was only maybe in his early 30’s, but he’s more than TWICE my age and he ROCKS it! I’ve been watching his videos and he also has his own website, sponsors I mean damn! His riding is awesome by any age standard, and he seems to have the energy like a teenager, and his videos are always soooo entertaining too! :smiley:

the last person to REALLY push mountain unicycling and basically put us on the map has done his time and made some killer muni vids. How come its such an outrageous concept to want to continue that and make it as popular and mind blowing as the street and trials scene is these days?

What you don’t seem to get is that street, flatland and to a lesser extent, trials, is about TRICKS. MUni is not about tricks. And just because you may not see it doesn’t mean people like Kenny Banks, the unigeezer (sorry i spelled it wrong last time haha) and thousands more are not out there all the time killing the trails!

And Stamina. A lot of flat and street and trials guys would probably not have the stamina for the LONG, uphill MUni since that’s not what they usually do, so just that in itself is another part of MUni being extreme!

And flat, trials and street are easy to film too and in a small confined area. Muni not so. this has all been said anyway. Go make a MUni vid yourself and show us what you have in mind.

PURE MUni is like my gf…100% NATURAL! :smiley:

Comparing MUni to street, flat and trials is apple & oranges. Muni can’t really be quantified since it is so “organic” in it’s natural environment. But I’m totally with saying that there’s always going to be progression in the sport, and that’s a good thing.

Dude…He isn’t saying Muni sucks or is stupid or anything like that. Jkohse is saying that Muni’s progression has levelled off, and he wants to kick start the progression again. As he said, it wasn’t a muni bashing thread and he is making a Muni video.

What’s wrong with trying to push a specific discipline of unicycling forward?

Maybe you should try reading the whole thread before you post.

I disagree :stuck_out_tongue:

And street, flat, and trials are not dead.

i just dont understand y this thread is in the video secton…?

and no street, flat and trials r not dead. all 3 r always being pushed and improved and becoming more creative everyday.
and i dont think muni is dead either, its probably the most popular style of riding around, its just we dont know about most muni riders because they dont make videos or post on the forums.

my point exactly.

Really? I go back to one of my examples. 111 posted…by ONE person, and 30 of them to the video forums in 2009 alone! Granted, not all are muni, but a LOT are. Tons of variety here and each one is uniquely different. I know of NOBODY at ANY age doing what this guy does. I even saw one video where he did like this huge drop using a big uni or something! He does a lot of intersteing and cool things and it’s always FUN to watch! So you sure can’t say nobody makes or posts muni videos! At least not in his case! (I hope you remember me in your will Geezer! jk, haha!) :smiley:


What the… F:)CK

I have a feeling Terry is making fake accounts.

Haha just a fan but maybe now i’ll get in his will? hint hint! :slight_smile: it just that he seems to make the most muni videos on here over all.

You speak about how street is just one crankflip or one unispin after another. Obviously you’ve never seen a good street video. Or trials for that matter.

Terrys videos… I don’t wanna be a Terry basher, but just because he releases THE MOST muni videos… Dosn’t mean anything at all… He should work more on his riding, not making the same videos over and over (which always look exactly the same to me).

Kris has mentioned when he’s out riding for himself he doesn’t ride anywhere near hard as he did when shooting for videos like One Tired Guy etc.

MUni IMO anyway is like MTB, at least going back to early MTB. It’s not about riding like you’re performing for an audience, stringing tricks together, riding to make cool looking video etc - it’s about the ride, the personal challenge, the overall adventure, in whatever outdoor off road environments you have access to.

The whole ‘MUni is dead’ makes about as much sense as saying ‘MTB is dead’ or whatever else…

Sounds like some of you guys need to get out and ride more and just enjoy it vs fretting over stuff that doesn’t matter :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh, you dont get it. No one is saying that muni needs to be about the tricks and awesome videos. Maybe I should yell that. NO ONE IS SAYING IT! No ONE!!!

Everyone here freaking gets the “ride for fun blah blah” aspect of riding. How do you think we got on this forum and started riding in the first place?

Ok, look at trials, everyone is out riding for fun, but there are tons still pushing it. Some guys are putting tricks into their trials lines, but that hasnt been a focus point in trials, except for a quick fad after people saw Keaton miller a few years back. So even with all the fun riding, its being pushed. Every aspect of it is being pushed. Even the fun part of it.

Someday people will get it. Its not a hard concept but somehow people end up thinking about it all wrong, then end up posting a discussion in a video section.

And for MTB, thats a horrible comparison. Go look how much MTB continues to be pushed.

And really, I mentioned this in the original thread, where I said there are people that this doesnt apply to because they are just not going to care or think it doesnt matter, so they should just smile and be happy others are loving the sport like they are and trying to push it. But even for all those people, only good can come out of it. Pushing the sport will cause discoveries in the equipment and cause a pursuit to make it better, which means for the casual rider, youll have something better to ride on.



jerrick +1

saying that people just ride Muni for fun…kind of proves my point no?

The progression has fallen away, whats wrong with wanting to improve something that you’ve never seen being improved upon?

Meh, these threads are lame :sunglasses: , I just wanna see some awesome videos.

+1 :stuck_out_tongue:

But I must say that the Muni Scenary isn’t really strong on internet… I believe riders that do the same trails should also post the time they take to complete it, more tips and ideas… Street, Trials and flat grew really fast cause the biggest part of the riders are online the entire day, sharing ideas! I kinda miss this sharing in Muni and also freestyle and racing…

I also agree that filming Muni is a bit hard… Street you can film alone… Probably you’ll not have the same result as the camera on a steady cam, but it would work for internet… For muni you ALWAYS need more than one guy to film and still have fun!!!

I know that it was an example, but about the street and flat tricks… I believe that’s evolving a LOT… Seat Whips are coming, more unicycle and body fliping ideas are out and some riders are training :wink: Just a matter of time…

For the muni riders: +1 on Zack, post some nice videos guys :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly, which is why the dead stuff is funny :slight_smile:

If the state of MUni genuinely concerns you, go out and ride, take some video or whatever to show MUni is alive and well, ‘push the sport’ etc etc etc

As much fun as the ‘dead’ threads have been, it’s over and out for me - out for a ride, not a video :wink:

omfg u just arnt understanding wat im saying. i said that there arnt many muni riders making videos or posting on the forums. i didnt say that ther r none!!! please try to understand wat im saying

the only way to really to make a difference is to really stir the pot. By having such an “intense” name for a thread it attracts a lot of attention to the thread and in turn increasing the interest in Muni again.

Plus, i made this thread because i was making a video. I went out and filmed it but we lost the camera on the bus.

please read threads before commenting…