Is my unicycle f*cked

hey i have recently purchased a unicycle from ebay, your bog standered unicycle. 3 weeks later i road to college, and upd’ed loads of times and couldn’t see why, later i relised than my hub was not right. if held the wheel and aplyed pressure to the pedel it would move. meaning that i didnt have 100% controle of my wheel .therefor if i was riding then stoped moving the pedals i would keep going,then fall.

is my hub f*cked or is it fixable.

I think in a public forum frequented by males and females of all ages groups, backgrounds and cultures, brken or damaged, or irr*pairable would be so much nicer as a thread title.:stuck_out_tongue:

I can see three places there could be movement:

Hold the wheel steady. Can you wobble either of the cranks? If so, then the cranks are loose. Easily rectified. 14 mm socket spanner.

If the cranks are tight, can you hold the unicycle frame still and wobble the wheel? if so, then the bearing clamps may be loose. Easily rectified: usually a 10mm or 11mm spanner.

If the bearing clamps are tight, and you can hold the unicycle still and wobble the rim, then maybe the spokes are loose. Easily rectified by a local bike shop.

There is a tiny chance that the hub is broken, but not with normal riding and UPDs.

This is unclear. If you hold your wheel your pedal will move by how much? Is it a fraction of an inch or several revolutions? Small motion under those conditions indicates a loose crank. Several revolutions indicates a faulty hub. What type of hub is it? Is it splined or does it have cotterless tapers?

Was the thread title you chose really necessary? I think “Is my hub broken?” might be a better choice becauses it both addresses the problem and avoids any insinuation of lewdness.

Seriously…there are people who are easily offended by that kinda stuff

I’m offended by the title also but don’t worry I won’t go and burn your embassy I have self control.:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways my brother has a cotter pin unicycle that the cotter pins come loose quite often and gets quite a bit of play which sounds like what you’re describing.
Do you’re cranks slide on to a square fitting or do they have a pin that goes through them?.. if they have the pin you need to tighten the nut on the one side which tightens the pin. If they have the square then just tighten the nut like mentioned above.

Wow. Chimpo has an embassy?

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I wasn’t offended by your thread title…But that’s just me. However, I understand that others can be offended by what I write so I moderate my language accordingly.

right, may first appolgise to all those who were offened by my choice of words,on recards the topic name, and a lil more detail for those are interested

rite. if i hold both pedals still, the wheels still moves even tho both kranks and still. the whole wheel moves and the cranks stay still.

its alright on the level ground but up hills my wheel slips really bad, same as if i stop, or acelerate

hey your lucky then…you got a freewheel uni and you didnt even work on it…i wish i could do that.

This sounds like the axle is slipping inside the hub. It sounds as if it were pressed in and has become loose. If so, it is probably trash. If it is pressed with a keyway and the key came out it can probably be fixed. Do you have a photo of the thing? Maybe someone will recognize it and can tell you how it’s assembled. A photo of the unicycle and a photo of the hub and cranks. If it is not a fancy unicycle you might be able to get a new one for what it would cost you in time and money to fix the old one. Photos are easy to post but should be resized to no more than 640 pixels wide.

Re: Is my unicycle f*cked

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 16:49:15 -0600, harper wrote:

>Photos are easy to post but should be resized to no
>more than 640 pixels wide.

I think that’s incorrect - at least if you’re talking about what the
software allows. Rather, photos should fit inside a 800 x 800 pixels

That’s one more of us and one less of them.

Seriously, most of us just want this to stay a ‘family friendly’ website where parents feel secure to let their kids freely browse around for unicycling related info.
This place is a wonderfull tool for the growth of the unicycling community and unicycling as a sport and I think it’s worth dialing back our language just a bit to make sure that it remains as widely accessible as possible.

I’m not continuing the issue, I’m simply explaining why it is that I, for one, took umbrage at the thread title.

Back to that hub.
Here’s a thread with some pictures of a hub problem (and a dodgy thread title?).
I’m not sure if this will help you.
I would at this point suggest that you get it down to your LBS (local B*ke Shop) and ask them if they can diagnose and fix the problem.
Unless you’re a serious DIYer, the problem (if fixable) will probably need professional attention.
If you can get the pics up easily, do so, there are some people on these fora who really know their stuff and can probably help you diagnose the problem. But if it’s going to be a hassle getting the pics up, save yourself the trouble and get it to a pro.

Welcome to the fora, let us know how it turns out.

This is a f*cked unicycle




They hide my uni and abused it! But it was great fun @ wunschkonzert (Freestyleconvention near Frankfurt).


if your unicycle hub is broken like it soonds as if it is, after only 3 weeks of normal riding, it sounds like it was faulty. Was it new or used when you bought it from ebay? If new I would ask them to replace it, alot of the people on ebay are actually stores so you have rights.

If it was really cheap and not new it might not be worth fixing, it might be cheaper to get a new one since a new hub would be $20.

But I would complain to the guy who sold it to you, just watch your language!


yes i emailed the seller and told him the problen and he says he will send me a new wheel , problem solved, thanks for all your good advice, and once again i am terebly sorry for my choice of words,concerning the forum title, it will not happen again

It’s alright, we all get 1 mess-up
Then we come after you…

Good deal. This is just a different kind of “freewheel” on a unicycle. Must have been an eBay store that you got it from. Too bad you have to wait but glad you don’t have to pay through the nose to get it fixed.

hey i had the new wheel from the ebay seller, soon as a put on this wheel,and the same problem happened again wtf…its like the inner and outer hub aint attached or sumut

what shall i do?