Is KH the best?

Among riders what is considered to be the best trials unciycle? And what is considered to be the best muni? With out breaks. They all seem so similar, but do some have the edge?


I would say the kh frames are the best for trials

Wrong, Proly the best is that Ti one Zack has.

true but that is not a production frame

True the its the best.

Ti is sexy and light. But it can be argued that that style of frame is not the best. The Miyata bearing holders are a problem on that kind of frame.

The current aluminum KH frames look nice. We’ll have to see how they hold up longer term. Aluminum is nice and is light but is not always the best material for a frame that gets beat up or abused. For pure durability a chromoly steel frame is going to be better.

I did not mean the kh aluminum frame i ment the older pro model

well of course, custom frames always beat out other frames by a looong shot. but the best mass-produced frame…I’d say is the new KH. yeah, the blue one. with noodles on top.

I believe the Yuni frames are made of such a material… I’ve two frames, one 20"er and one 24"er and they’ve both taken a severe beating (trials and muni riding) for at least a year without showing much more than a couple tiny scratches… no dents, no breaks. Slap a Profile hub / crankset onto one of these babies and you’ve got yourself a bulletproof ride :slight_smile:

Yunis suck balls

“Yunis suck balls”

That must have put a smile on your face…

(read it anyway you like).

Very harsh statement Evan


im pretty sure Yuni’s are Hi-Tensile steel not Cr-Mo

It’s not what you ride, it’s how you ride.

If anything “sucks balls” its your attitude.

Re: Chromoly

You got me interested, so I did a little Googling… says the Yuni has a “Chromed steel frame”…

Hi-Tensile steels are “special constructional steels which develop high yield, tensile and fatigue strengths, as well as excellent toughness when subjected to a quenching and tempering”…

Cr-Mo is the composition of the steel… Hi-Tensile steels can be made of Cr-Mo, Ni-Cr-Mo, Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo, Ni-Cr, the list is endless…

So, I conclude (from my 5 minute hack-job research), Cr-Mo steel can be a Hi-Tensile metal.

In my opinion the current KH frame (the ally one) is by far and away the best production frame in production. In terms of design it works very well as a jack of all trades which is what most people want.

It was designed to be WW and glideable whilst still having plenty of clearance for the legs.

I believe it’s the best you’re going to get without going to a custom frame designed for a specific purpose.

The hub on the other hand is perfect.

I was chuffed to bits when production started.

does GB4 count as a custom job? i have a muni and trials from him and they are both fantastic. plus his stiffener plates make most seats better.

Evan? Harsh? Nonsense the boy has no opionions.

What about that Semper (did I spell that right?) frame from Flint Michigan? That was supposed to be light. Did Ryan have any problems with the second frame? Wasn’t Jeff riding one, too?

Opionions, sounds like opium that makes u cry…

I was just wondering how many ppl have broken their frames whilst unicycling, because that would be the best way to find out which frames are the best. As far as I’ve heard, frames tend to last the longest out of everything on a unicycle (not including the seatpost when i say frames), and when you say is KH the best, do you mean the strongest, best looking, most resistant to drops, the bearing holders being the best???

All around quality of the unicycle. I don’t care how it looks or the seat. I would like to buy a trials cycle and a MUni. I’m mainaly looking at the 19" KH Trials and the 24" KH Freeride. They look nice and are pretty expensive. But are they the best I can get?

And what is the difference between freestyle and trials?