is it worth it getting a 24"?

Don’t rim brakes rub a lot? Even my disc brake rubs while riding (just while riding). The guy who runs UDC China told me ‘rim brakes don’t work well with unicycles’.

When properly adjusted rim brakes do not rub at all.

Read MuniAddict’s post at: Why Magura rim brakes?
Pretty much covers it.

True but properly adjusted brakes can’t reduce a frame’s inherent flexiness so I assume by ‘properly adjusted breaks’ we mean ‘sufficient pad clearance’.

Honestly I’m a bit dissapointed with the KH ‘stock’ brake setup. I don’t know whether my frame is abnormally flexy or I need a more sophisticated brake that allows pad clearance adjustment. With Maggie’s adjusting pad clearance is very easy but, due to the nature of physics, deflection will always be greater near the rim which means greater pad clearance needed which means more lever travel before the pad engages the rim when intentionally braking.


Unfortunalty not one on the comparison to the 27.5”

The box was deliverd almost 4 weeks ago but it was too hectic at home to unpack it.
Then when after more than two weeks I finally managed to unpack it I was pleasantly surprised: not only the brake set was included, there was also a nice QU-AX T-shirt added to the package.

Unfortunately during assembly I found that the frame / end cap fitting around the bearing was not optimal. Either the rotation of the wheel was not smooth or these was some sideways tilt possible (noticeable shift when pulling by hand on the crank, not even sitting on it).
Again QA-AX customer service was great, they asked me to send back the wheel, frame and end caps and they would provide me new ones.
The new parts where shipped before they even received my parts.

The courier however is a different story
Wednesday I found a “not at home notice”, informing me that the package would be delivered Thursday at a pick-up location.
A bike shop actually!!
So far for the fun stuff…
It was not delivered at the bike shop yesterday, status info on courier website very unclear:
2 times not delivered, new address assigned??? Package at a different hub as initially.
30 minutes holding time on the phone…
They eventually told me it would be delivered still today at the bike shop.
Let’s hope so.

I really want to try it this weekend and check as well if my daughter fits on it.
For her I will probably have to use a non-reinforced saddle post because the triangular reinforcement below the seat takes away some 8 cm of insertable length.
Really looking forward to the 24” and I hope the delivery works out this time. I want to ride when visiting my mom for Christmas and the 20” and 24” will be easier to take along.

I’m also making downhill progress on the brakeless 27.5.
Last weekend I tackled three descents that I found previously too steep.
Note: these are not steep by any means, I’m just a lousy municyclist.

But I’m working on it!

That’s a bummer, Quax. But at least their customer service was great about it. I hate having to wait for companies to receive what you’re sending back and only then send what you need. Glad to hear QA-AX isn’t like that.

there are too many babbling heads in this forum, are you dissatisfied with your lives?

I think you can say that we are dissatisfied with the unicycles we have and keep looking for something else.

Last time I chose to buy an ultimate wheel, but I found out that now that I have a wife and child, they require a lot of my time. The only way I can ride a UW is when I can spend an hour every day for a week, 2 weeks, maybe even three. With 4-5 days between training sessions, it takes too long to get back to the stage I was at, at the last training session.
Long story short, I’m thinking about getting a 24" again. Might still be nice to take it with me to Thailand when staying with the family of my wife. A normal uni is less exhausting than a UW, so it might do in such a warm country too.

I think fetzenschorsch was outing SebRio as a forum spammer… :sunglasses:
First message to leave such an empty comment, please!

When I participated in the dutch championships, I noticed all those fancy 24" unicycles. Before I decided against buying one as I was probably going to participate just once in my life and just did the 10km run. Also this weekend when riding with my 5 yr old daughter and I took my fattie Hatchet, she complained that I was probably going to ride too fast. I told her to stop complaining and that it was time she grew some muscle. Maybe a 24" is the better size to go riding with her.
Anyways at the championship some had those very narrow road wheels and even though it might take some getting used to, they are prolly also very flexible. I just wonder how likely it is to get a flat on them? I like the municycle tires in that that the chance of a flat is less likely (I have had 1 in the past 4 years).

So a tire like this one I mean :

Also I weigh about 85kg. A uni tire is better suited to hold me.

Perhaps you can get a 24” Muni and check if you could swap the wheel occasionally with a racing wheel, just for competitions.
Sure the frame will be relatively heavy but the rolling resistance and wheel weight will probably make the biggest difference for speed.

I like my 24” Muni for riding along with my 7y/o plus-daughter as she is cycling.
With gear and backpack I’m probably at 100kg and the fat tire makes for a pleasant ride. Even if I run it at quite high pressure when road riding.
It has a Duro Wildlife Leopard tire and with some pressure this tire does not know the word “camber”. Very convenient with the conditions of the typical smaller roads in Belgium.
If you slap 125 / 145 dual hole cranks on it you can quickly optimize for roadriding or Muni.

Edit: for me getting the 24" was absolutely worth it :slight_smile:
The 27.5" has seen a lot less use since getting the 24".

In all honesty: This is also in part due to the fact that I will be using the 24" for Climbing for Life later this year.
So I’m doing a lot of uphill riding in preparation for the event.

I am new to unicycles but have experience with bicycle tires.

That tire, as above, runs on high air pressure, 7+ bar. That tire is very hard and very fast, but not cushioned and not comfortable.

It’s probably fine on a sport rink where you know that the ground will be absolutely flat and even. Riding “in real life” might be challenging!

And a sport rink track is much cleaner than most roadways, no nails, screws, bits of metal or broken glass to puncture tires.

Even though the road isn;t all that flat and has stuff lying around. I don’t have a rink around where I can practice riding such a narrow tire. Come to think of it, don’t they have such tires for bigger wheels, like a 36". That would be fun to see and why not. It makes the wheel lighter and more flexible. Maybe it wouldn’t be strong enough.

If I were to buy a muni 24". Would such a racing tire fit or is the hub narrower too?

The Nimbus E-Sport wheel is nominally a 26 inch wheel (559 x 22 rim) and with a 26 x 1 tyre, comes in comfortably under the maximum 618 mm total diameter for a Standard racing wheel. It has a narrower 92 mm wide hub. The low inertia of the wheel allows for rapid acceleration which does help in short races.

I have one. It is incredibly twitchy and unforgiving to ride. I got it for the 2016 Australian National Championships and managed a third in the Masters 100 metres despite a poor start due to my inability to still stand well enough and have my weight right to start, especially on such a twitchy wheel.

I hadn’t had it long and unfortunately I was ill for a couple of crucial weeks when I should have been training and didn’t spend enough time on it to really make the most of its potential. I was also severely handicapped by not having a track I could use to practice so never mastered reliably riding a smooth curve. I rode the 800 metre and 4x100 relay races on my Torker instead.

I also found it very difficult to stay on when crossing irregular surfaces which is all I had to practice on. The best I could find was 100 metres across a cluster of netball courts which had irregularities between some of them. Nowhere with a nice big curve.

There is virtually no “give” in the tyre so every bump tried to launch me off the thing. It is fine on a nice smooth athletics track but I have seen more experienced riders use similar wheels on a bitumen road in the 10 km standard wheel race. However they were not ordinary roads. One was a track for police driver training and the other was a bicycle racing track. The surfaces were in very good condition.

I’m going to the national championships again this October and will give the E-Sport another go. I have had a lot more general experience since the last championships and more opportunity for practice on it this time but still no athletics track.

Apparently 32" and 36" unicycles are at this time very limited about tire size choices and at this time both of those sizes are available only in 2.25" width. On both of those diameters, puts that 2.25" width on 42mm external width (~ 36mm internal width) rims, which produces more of a comfortable cruising wheel than a stiff-sidewall racing wheel.

Going to a smaller diameter 29er or 700c wheel offers many choices of narrow, high pressure, lightweight road and racing wheels, rims and tires. True, apparently the 36" uni has set records for both speed and distance competitions, but a smaller wheel size with more nimble handling might be more convenient for some riders, for ordinary, day-to-day playing around.

There is the Q-factor when it comes to hubs and the only way to narrow the Q-factor is to make the hub narrower, along with a narrower frame to hold the narrower hub. Narrow hubs are for racing and tricks which benefit from having a narrow Q-factor and SOMETIMES offers them for sale, well, UDC did offer a couple of narrow frame and hub models (~92mm center-to-center) earlier this year but I looked again just the other day and those same models are not currently being offered on their website, at least not in USA. Muni, however, is more concerned about lateral strength and loads on hubs, which is why muni hubs are wide and have become even wider, 3" off-road tires being replaced by wider, 3+" tires, 100mm center-to-center uni hubs being replaced by wider, ~125mm center-to-center hubs. And remember, if you get a muni frame designed for a wide, ~125mm center-to-center hub then yes, you can put on a much narrower rim BUT you can not use a narrower hub with the narrower Q-factor you could then seek, so if you need a narrow Q-factor, then get a narrow Q-factor frame and hub. If you are in a hurry, contact and ask about the narrow Q-factor models which recently were listed. IIRC, one narrow hub model was for racing and the other for freestyle, both having smaller wheel sizes.


Same URL got me to two different UDC websites?!?

Anyway, does list two narrow frame and hub models although I do not see the other, 24" racing model I saw recently.

This is the E-sport Race at the Australian site.

If you do want a 24" race uni, check out the mad4one options in a range of interesting colours

Well, yes and no. IIRC, the 24" E-sport Race you link to has all of the same features EXCEPT the frame I remember seeing recently was more of a round-top frame.