is it just me or does this nimbus trials have profiles

udc put up new pics of the 36 spoke coterless trials uni but in this pic it has profiles

tell them not us

most of theyre pics of unis aren’t the actuall uni, just similar.

Yeah it does…But they were probably just switching one wheel between frames for those shots for the site and didnt really care about that. its not like its a big deal…You should read before you buy anyways…If your dumb enough to think that you can get a profile trials for $180 then you deserve it.

i have no experience with profiles, but at the bottom it says
“Note: Wheel rated to 10-inch drops for riders weighing 150 pounds or less.”
that doesnt sound like profile anything to me.

??? that doesnt make any sense…



take a closer look…its kinda easy to see that they arent profile…

Uh yeah they are buddy.

hey cool a uni with prfiles for 190 bucks.

i just bought it.


now that would suck if i did that