Is it easy to learn to ride a unicycle im new to unicycling

um is it easy to ride a unicycle i just bought a unicycle and it was shipped today and assmebled it but how do i ride it what way is proper can anyone help me i want to learn to ride a unicycle

oh and i tried going on it but the seat post too high can you also help me with the hieght thingy

hello can anyone tell me if i should cut about how many inches off a torker lx unistar

i just bought a torker lx and today i just recieved it but i tryed it and it was kinda high because i can only reach the pedal a lil bit

i have a 20" unicycle and it ussually says that 20" min requirement is 28" inside leg and i have a shoe that is 1" with a inside leg of 27" just how many inches you think i should cut off the unicycle without bending my knee when on the unicycle when you unicycle can you just ride a unicycle that is 2" less cut off i was thinking of going 2" cut off but i dont know how much so i dont bend my knee when riding and stressing my legs i ment tired

thanks for your time reading this

any good suggestion that will not make it hard for me to ride the uni is needed badly :slight_smile:

No, it’s hard. But anybody can learn.

On average it takes 15 hrs over 2 wks. It took me 2 mo.

Learn to use the Search. It can get you good stuff like this.

What I think the most important things are:
Don’t cut more that 2" off your post at a time.
You want a realatively high seat for learning but still able to get a slight bend in your knee.
Max out the air in your tire for learning.
Find a long rail on a smooth surface (a wall works too, but not as well IMO)
Practice… A LOT
Keep 90% of your weight in the seat.

What he said, just cut a little bit of at a time and test it. If i feels terrible or is still too high just cut antoher little bit off until you feel comfortable.

Keep trying and practice consistantly. Just go forward and don’t worry too much. once you are good at it, it feels so easy, so easy that you think its just a thing like a skateboard where ANYONE can hop onto it and simply ride it, well thats what i think anyway.

Unicycling is great, good that you found out about it. How did you find out about it? And if you dont mind me asking, what country are you from and how old are you?

well there’s no shortcuts to riding a unicycle, the best way is to get on and go at it. I learned by riding next to some small bleachers, about shoulder height. Ride next to it until you are comfortable, then try to ride past the end of the bleachers. In roughly two days of practice I had it down pretty good, and within two weeks I was riding around town. It takes a lot of hard work and practice but its worth it. Good luck!

when ride around town people always ask me if it is hard.
i always say no, its like learning to ride a bike. Which it was for me. I thi8nk i read somewhere the avg learning curve is 14 hrs. It only took me 3 days to ride.
You just have to get over the fact that you think you cant do it.
And practice, practice, practice…

I started off going up and down the hall, where I could put my hands on each wall. Then I went to a bridge near the house that has a wide bike trail on it, and I could ride that bike trail with one hand on the railing. I guess it was maybe a month or so before I could ride to the end of the block. Evidently some people learn a lot faster than that.

Main thing is, don’t give up. I’ll bet 90% of the people that got a unicycle and didn’t learn to ride it just didn’t try long enough.

Go to for tips for beginners that should answer all of your questions. Except the very specific question about how many inches to cut from the Torker LX seatpost. You have to calculate how much to cut off, the calculation should be straightforward when you know how high the seat should be (which you can find in that link). When in doubt, cut off too little. You can always cut more.

I learnt in 3 hours. 3 hours I could ride about 50-60m’s Freemounting came the second day after about 8 hours of practice by then I could ride 200metres easy. AND TURN LEFT :wink: never had the problem with left or right. Just keep trying it all has to do with how much you want it I think. I really really wanted to ride. I got really saw everything but after I had done it i was like YAY.