Is irritation on inner thigh normal when first learning?

I’m still getting the hang of riding my uni with about 12-14 hours of practicing under my belt. I can ride up and down my street a couple times. So today I practiced for 2 hours non-stop and now my inner thigh surrounding my groin area is irritated and soar. Is this irritation normal when I’m just starting to ride more and spend less time falling off? If so, does this irritation typically fade with time?

Yes, I used to get that as well. Once your skills are refined, you should no longer have a problem.:slight_smile:

i disagree… you may get used to it, but if you ride for long distances/ a long time, you will always get this. you do grow “immune” to it, but it will never totally go away, atleast from what i have found.

Thanks for the info guys.

wearing bike shorts, applying chamois cream, or wearing to pairs of shorts helps.

there’s nothing more I can add here, so I’ll just say “welcome to the forums aquaman!”

Now I disagree. I can ride my coker for hours and not get any irritation from the seat.

I wear loose boxers, and denim jean pants.

yea!!! i have rash and burn and irritation and ive been riding for a while now… its perfectly normal.

Are your legs hairy? That is also a reason. The rubbing of the hairs, but they shorten up and you will be fine.

bike shorts and better seat was my solution

i dont know anything about cokering. i was simply talking about rideing a trials or other no-distance uni for a long time with a low(ish) seat. sorry for any confusion.

I wear bike shorts under my normal shorts… and i have also… done a female trait to the top inner bit of my right leg (where the rubbing/rash was at its worst for me)… I pulled out my razor and eliminated some hairs… i figured it was either that or not enjoy riding my uni!

Distance or not, its the saddle time that matters. I ride both my coker, or trials uni for hours at a time.

It really depends on you though. Like for me, it just doesnt happen anymore, for other people, it kinda does, but its not a problem. Other people need cycle shorts and stuff.

I have this problem when I ride sif trials for a long period of time.

i get it when i do a lot of higher gaps in a day
or lots of unispins and such.
i actually have bald spots on my legs in those places… never shaved or anything either…

things that improved my irritations

I had the exact same problem here is what fixed it for me

I tried raising the seat, that helped

I started riding with shorter cranks, this helped tremendously but is probably not much of an option if you mostly ride trials.

I now have bald spots (no shaving, just riding) and irritation is a non-issue.

your lucky. i ride a ton and still get it if i ride for an abnormally long time. o well, everyone is deifferent

Also, I’m learning how to dismount with control (rather than fall off forward) and I’m not sure if this is normal and/or if I’m doing it correctly, but as I’m putting my first foot down and the uni seat post is at a 45 degree angle to the ground I get the sensation of pulling against my skin. The seat is either rubbing my boxers against the hair or the seat is just moving the skin to an uncomfortable status. When this happens it still hurts after the occurence. Is this normal? Are there any videos that show a person dismounting in a controlled fashion so I can compare myself to the video?

Hey welcome to the forums…

i ride near 30 km once every week and i found that i did get irritation between the legs and my solution is to apply that spray on plaster/ bandaid stuff…it burns at first but when it drys and you have 2 layers of the stuff on it stops the irritation…and when i dismount i kinda just slow down and dismount (to the front) and stop when my left foot is at 6:00 and just lean forward and it just flows…I have to do this when i ride through shopping centers on my uni…

I read here
that a proper dismount is done when you step off the back, not the front. When can you tell when someone is ready to learn to dismount b/c I don’t know how to idle. If I would come to a complete stop I would likely fall over on the unicycle. I guess a better question is in ‘what order should you learn the following abilities: ride, turn, dismount, idle, and freemount?’.