is airfoil the super strong coker rim?

Is the airfoil 36" rim that super strong coker rim? The one that 3 people can stand on?

The Airfoil is the nice strong Coker rim sold by here. Making this rim available was a big help to Coker unicycling.

The 3 people wheel is a wheel built using that rim, other quality components, and advanced wheel-building techniques. See my sig below for the link to the 3-people wheel. I build these for people if you are interested. sells other wheels too that use that rim.

U-turn, I saw that video. That is why I asked if that was the rim used. It is good to know.

U-Turn, about how much would one of those cost?


did you ever try increasing your spoke tension even more by taking the tyre off so you can use the nipple driver and the spoke wrench at the same time?

Hey Jagur, nice avatar. However, this is a discussion on Cokers.

Beat it!

ah…? you lost me on that one… im talking about Cokers anyway so what do you mean? oh wait i get it,it doesnt matter who’s wrong or right…

Wow talking about getting lost in obscurity, if didn’t know about Jagur dislike for Cokers and his devotion to Michael Jackson I would of thought someone was being mean-spirited instead of clever humor .

Back on topic, I have the Airfoil rim and found at first that I had lost some of the fly wheel effect (which is one of the things I love about the Coker), the rim is about 3 lbs lighter then the stock rim. I solved the problem by putting 127mm cranks on, which make it feel more like the stock rim with 150’s. I think it is a great rim, but I have got to wonder how many could be in stock and if they go out of stock how long will it be before Airfoil will do another run?

About $550 plus shipping; which to VA isn’t bad. To California it was about $27. The last post in this thread tells what you get for your money. Soon I’ll have a little webpage so that this information doesn’t keep washing down the river of time. :smiley:

Actually by using a great deal of care, and a new spoke wrench, I was at the limits of the tensionmeter calibration on the last one I built (Nathan’s). Since I knew the wheel was already plenty strong, I had no need to do use anything but the spoke wrench. In truth, I’m not sure that you could use the end slots on the nipples because the spoke length that Tommi cut was just right. So at least some of the slots would be filled with the tip of the spoke. Finally, the nipple driver itself wouldn’t have the leverage; you’d want to use a normal screwdriver. The nipple driver is only for speed winding during the initial weave when there is no tension on the spoke.


yeah a flat head would be better,i just like to use the word nipple driver in the tool sence whenever i would make a great band name :smiley:

This one

I suppose that this is what you were talking about. Just putting it here for easier finding.

I’m selling the wide hub super wheel. The wheel costs $550 plus shipping. The price includes:

Coker tire and tube, installed and properly seated
Two cloth rim strips
Custom wide hub
Airfoil rim carefully selected for brake compatibility
Custom cut stainless steel spokes with rolled threads
Brass washers under spoke heads for better support and longer spoke life
Special wide flange spoke nipples
Better quality bearings installed with sleeve retainer
Crank nuts
Use of Wheelsmith spoke prep
Super quality wheel build guaranteed for the life of the rim and/or spokes

In addition, I keep a complete map of your spoke tension to help diagnose problems, should any occur.

The wheel is built to a very high tension, thus increasing the strength of the wheel, as well as reducing or eliminating spoke fretting and improving spoke life. I will true the wheel for free forever as long as the rim and spokes are in good shape. You send me the wheel at your cost, I true it and return it at my cost. I do not think that will ever be necessary. Note that crashes, especially off-road, can damage spokes if they hit rocks directly. In that case, there would be minor charges.

If you have a stock Coker it is easy to spread the frame legs to accommodate the wider hub. A bike shop can do that, ensuring alignment, or we can do it here for a small additional fee if you send us the frame. Otherwise, there are a couple of custom frame builders that can build to the better wheel, including Rick Hunter.

We can also improve the braking surface for an additional fee if you desire. At this time, working the rim weld to remove any discontinuities and ensure smooth braking is $15 extra.

The price may vary depending on wide-hub availability. The components come from various places, including, Semcycle, The Unicycle Factory, and bicycle parts suppliers.

I might just have to get one of those!

LOL Jag yes using that term in public is a little like getting away with something.

John – that’s great! Let me know when you decide. Moreover, if you ever get up this way, come to a Unatics meeting in NYC and you can try mine. Let me know ahead of time, though, so I can be sure to bring it.

The only time I have had to retrue the Original Strongest Wheel was a mild retrue after a many-crash single-track run through the New England woods. I checked carefully, 'cause I was a little dismayed. I relaxed, though, when I found some spoke abrasion, most certainly caused by some rocks on the trail that the uni landed on after I bit the dust. None of the other tests have required any truing, including the 3-person, nor David Kaplan’s fearless drops, nor several 20-mile road rides, nor lots of rocky double-track, in mud and snow.

That’s one of the true benefits of high tension. If the spoke can’t move, but only stretches, as it should, then it doesn’t fret or unwind. It’s when the spoke loosens up during riding that those problems occur.

I say “Original” because Nathan’s new one is stronger. :angry:

I’m on pins and needles to see how his uni does in Norway.


I’ll let you know iif I’m ever headed that way. Now all I need is a job to make enough money for that coker!

Re: hey

I hear you, buddy; I’m in the same boat!