Iron Mtn pics 2/17/08

Here’s a few from today. Awesome trail. On the ride-list to be included in CMW '08. Jamey should have a few action stills to add sometime soon. Video coming soon. :slight_smile:

iron mountain sounds like an amuesment park o.O

edit: pretty cool though

re-edit: you look so happy in your warmth :)… Its suposed to be about 8 out at the most tomorrow, atleast thats fairly warm at the moment, today was incrediably though, i was freestyle skiing in a t shirt for a bit, it was like 30 =D

Yeah after today, and experiencing it, it’s far more exciting than any amusement park…and not to be confused with “Magic Mountain” lol! Although there is something indeed magical about that place; it’s so dang fun…and advanced MUni skills required for the most part.

again, really cool. I wish i had access to a car lol… then i could go do some urban trials in the st. cloud area…

edit: if i had a car i’d be in arizona probably

Do I know you as you are from MN? Are you part of TCUC? Just trying to figure out who you are. Anyways, the Iron Mt. Trail was awesome and I do indeed have some pretty good pics that I’ll post in the next day or two when I find time. It was a great trail and one of my favorites in southern California so far. The weather and scenery were great! As well as the people!! Can’t wait to do it again sometime!

Sounds pretty great, do you know why the pictures are so blue though?

OK, I had a lot of good pics so here are some of them…

Here’s one of Jim doing pretty dang good for his first real technical ride since he broke his back.


Just had to post this funny pic of Jim and I up on the big rock with Terry’s ass bending over to set up his camera! :slight_smile:


Me up on top of a big ol rock!


Good shot of Terry doing a drop up at the top!

Nice group shot up at the top!


Haha yeah that was my fault. I took them with a setting that supposed to be used for beach/ocean shots that emphasize rich blue colors.:o

lol… a sea of unicyclists, or wait

did you ‘sea’ those unicyclists?

lol… i got no more, i wish i was there to sea that area. lol…

edit: sorry

Silly people, not doing Saddle Rock with me.

I love Iron.

One of the best rides ever! Great to be “back from Broke Back Mountain” Got called “Clowns with Abs” by one of the hikers.

Great to see you back on the trails, Jim! Looks like a blast.


Candy Mountain?

Nice pictures Terry.

A have a couple more good shots I didn’t have time to post…

Here’s one of Terry up at the top jumping thru bushes!


One of me that is hard to tell the other side is a huge drop/cliff and you can’t really tell where I’m jumping to.


Terry getting some are on a technical section.