Hope you enjoy this one. Spent lots of time on it and the opening bit. I had to create my own effects, since MM is so limited in that way. (For some reason, 3 “clangs” got muted during upload-couldn’t figure out why, lol.)

I’ve also been trying really hard to step up my speed on the really technical stuff…Let me know what you think of the “iRock” opening, filming, editing and music choice. Cheers! :slight_smile:

what happened to your cat? it looked seriously out of it in the last 3secs.

That was awesome, Terry. I think it would be really difficult to go any faster than you did. And that drop was amazing. I am a bit afraid of doing drops higher than 3 feet let alone doing them rolling :astonished:

awesome! intro was nice, although I would love to see the iPhone pic converting into the film almost unnoticeable (dunno how to describe it, it´s like a crossfade-thing). Music is not my favorite, what about “emerald” by thin lizzy? would fit nicely. your cat is so sweet! riding was cool.

Haha, nothing, but when he’s sleeping (as cats do a LOT) or about to sleep, I can get Morty to “smile” like that, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, yeah I was pushing myself to ride faster, as it’s hard to go super fast on that steep rocky stuff without lots of bad bails, and I’ve sure had my share, especially at that trail! And I initially stood on that bolder for what felt like an eternity, getting the nerve to go for it, lol!

Thanks for your feedback. Yeah I’ve made so many videos that finding different music-that won’t be muted-is getting more difficult. I don’t want to use the same song twice.

I was getting frustrated trying to find some good, high energy music, and was about to give up. Then I found the Rush instrumental and it seemed to fit well. Thin Lizzy is also cool! I grew up with that music. Jailbreak! :sunglasses:

As I know how hard riding those rocks smoothly is … to use the vernacular of the young … YOU Friggin’ Rock on those iRocks.
Nice respect from the mtb’ers. That was really impressive.
I always enjoy your videos.

Love the videos, man! Badass.

Thanks Sigurd, that really means a lot! :smiley:

commented on youtube

Your’s too Unigurd :sunglasses:

sweet video. I liked the music, YYZ by Rush mean song love playing it on guitar hero as well haha

Nice one Terry! Enjoyed it as always!

Good fun video. I understand the difficulty finding the right music. :slight_smile:
I would suggest creating some suspense at the introduction although I like the playfulness of the ipod. It’s always good to get people excited to watch the video before they even see any riding. The cat seems out of place to me.

Thanks Lewis for both comments!

Cool! I wish I could play guitar.

Thanks Michael.

Thanks and welcome to our awesome uni-forum community! Every once in a while I’ll add a little random clip of Morty at the end, just for fun. Been doin’ that every so often for years now. Mort’s a born comedian and loves to show off for the camera! :smiley:

Rush! Another excellent soundtrack to another excellent video. What next!? :smiley:

Thanks man! Yeah Rush is awesome. :sunglasses: