Invitation to a Long Island MUni ride!

Hey NY area unicyclists,

I’m coming back to NY for a visit, and I wanted to see if anyone out there was
interested in hitting one of Long Island’s best off-road trails. It’s called
the Nassau County Greenbelt, and it runs up the Nassau/Suffolk border. One of
the most fun parts for unicycling is the part that leads south from Bethpage
State Park.

DATE: Sunday October 19 (this coming Sunday) TIME: Noon PLACE: Bethpage State
Park Polo Field Parking Area (directions below)

TERRAIN: This is a great place to try MUni (mountain unicycling) if you’ve never
tried it. As you know, Long Island does’t have much in the way of mountains, so
the trail is fairly level. It’s easy enough for nearly all skill levels, and if
it’s not easy enough, there’s the paved Bethpage Bike Path a few feet away. We
will be riding an easy pace, with the emphasis on fun. Bikes and blades (blades
probably only on the pavement) also welcome!

DIRECTIONS: Take the Long Island Expressway (I-495) to the Seaford Oyster Bay
Expressway and head south (exit 44s). Approximately your fifth exit down, exit
at Powell Ave. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left (this is true from both
directions). Cross over the expressway, and make your first left (not the
entrance ramp). This is a road leading into the park. Follow it for about 3/4
mile and it will end in a big parking lot, our meeting place. If the entrance
gate to the park is locked (hey, I live in CA how should I know?), just find a
parking place along the street outside the park entrance and we’ll meet there.

For further details please give me an email or a call. Home: (916) 783-0837
work: (916) 356-3026.

Please rsvp if you’re coming so we know to wait for you. Hope to see lots of
people there!

Stay on top,

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“Never two tired”