Following Beirne’s advice, I though I’d introduce myself.

I am one of the loyal minions in the Harvey Mudd Club Jim Frinier posted about
recently. I learned just this year (in September), though I have been a
unicyle-sympathizer for some time. (It also helped that I am nearing the end of
my stay at Mudd, and wanted to have something more useful to show for four years
than a diploma when I left.)

I own a 24" Zephyr from Cycle Designs, and except for the tendency of the seat
to twist in the clamp (which I plan to rectify with a big drill and a bolt) I
love it. While I wish I could have a Schwinn for sheer durability, I love the
looks of a Zephyr – all black and chrome. They really look magnificent under a
good unic (that’s Mudd slang for “person who unicycles” – I haven’t seen it
used elsewhere) flying around campus.

Unic, of course, is not to be mistaken in spoken English for Eunoch. And a group
of unics shouldn’t be spelled Unix. It’s all very difficult for non-unicyclists
to comprehend, which is why the word is so much fun. Though the unenlightened
inisist that too much unicycling will make a Eunoch out of a unic. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I don’t plan to learn too many tricks, nor to be much more than a level
3 rider. The uni is a really useful mode of transportation to me, and a unique
way to say “I don’t mind being a bit different!” to all the people I uni by. :slight_smile:

Jeff R. Allen | semi-Senior CS major | “No, sir, that’s a fish. (fnord) | South
351d, x4940 | A catfish, to be certain.”