Name: Jeremy Rule E-mail: Birthdate: 1973 Location:
Ellensburg, WA Occupation: Systems Programmer / Student Hobbies: Mountain
Biking, Road Biking, Juggling, Cello WWW:

Thought I would introduce myslef :wink:

My first experience with unicycles was when my family was visiting some friends.
I was ~10 at the time and had just learned how to juggle and thought the
unicycle I saw in their garage would be fun. I asked if I could give it a try
and they said I’d better take it home with me because it’s not as easy as it
looks. They were right! It took me a good week before I could ride comfortably.
About a month later I went back to the people I got the unicycle from and asked
if I could borrow thier 6’ one as well. They said yes, but my mom said NO. She
insisted that I would break my neck after she saw my fall off it once. So, I
just learned to do neat tricks on my short unicycle including hopping up on
curbs and stairs, etc. Eventually I lost interest in the unicycle (when I was
about 12) and gave it to my brother.

I have always been good on “wheels.” I started as a national junior champion on
roller-skates, then the unicycle, then road biking, and lately I’ve been doing a
lot of mountain biking. There is a group of unicyclers on campus who are
performing in the Ellensburg Rodeo Parade later this summer and I want to join
them. Problem is I don’t have a unicycle any more! The local bike shop sells a
20" unicycle for $100 that looks like it was made for K-mart. I want something
more durable, yet not overpriced. Does anybody have a used one or know of a
place I can buy a good 24" unicycle?

What I want:

Sturdy construction.

Light enough to hop around on.

What I want, but probably isn’t available:

Suspension. Like the air-oil shocks I have on my mountainbike.

Very easy to adjust quick release seat.

Sorry if I’m not using proper unicycle terms… I haven’t had a unicycle for
many years.

Thanks in advance, -Jeremy Rule