Hello everybody,

I’m a student at RPI and I ran across this mailing list a couple weeks ago. I
think it’s a great idea as it is not easy to find other people who are
interested in unicycling. I was glad to hear that there are other people who
have had experiences similar to my own (such as getting shoelaces wrapped around
unicycle pedals).

I’ve also found it interesting hearing about things such as the skill levels.
I had no idea that such things existed and even though I don’t really think
I’d get officially checked out, it is a good way to get ideas for different
things to do. Even more than the skill levels, I like the idea of a list of
interesting things to try on a unicycle which somebody recently suggested.

By the way, is there anybody in the Albany area (where I go to school) or around
the eastern part of Connecticut (where I live). I’d like to meet other people
who unicycle (and juggle?-How many people on the list also juggle?).

Alec Bateman