Introducing myself

Just started unicycling and was referred to this website. Hope to meet other unicyclists that are local to So-Cal.

Welcome to the forum. There are many group events in SoCal. Just yesterday, six of us rode in Wood Canyon / Laguna Beach Top of the World. On Saturday there was a 36"-wheel unicycle ride in Long Beach.

What part of Southern California do you live? I am in South Orange County (it’s hilly here, fun for mountain unicycling).

Likely just down the street from you. I’m in Irvine and plan on going to a ride the 16th ( I’m interested in finding others so I can better gauge how I’m progressing and possibly try some other style unis out.

Great! Hope to see you on April 16. My calendar looks good for that day. We just had a ride in the Aliso/Wood Canyon on Sunday. Beautiful place to ride. The “One Love” unicycle club is going to be your best source of information for local rides. Glad you found it!

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