Intro - Learning to ride

Hi all,

Today, for the first time, I rode my 20" Torker 200 feet unassisted. It was a 3 hour session altogether, and I had quite a few shorter runs (50 to 100 feet) and also started practicing free-mounting.

Here’s my history - I had somewhere around 8 or 10 hours of assisted riding practice before today. I had become quite accomplished at riding around a parking lot holding my boyfriend’s hand while he ran along beside me. But my learning curve plateaued there; I couldn’t progress. He finally suggested I try launching myself off of a stationary object. So today I took his advice, and made huge progress. Before today, the furthest I’d gone unassisted was about 30 feet. I went WAY further today, and was WAY more consistent in my efforts.

I’m very excited, and can’t wait to get back out there later this weekend to see if I can do it again. I’ve lurked here a bit for a couple of months, but was waiting until I could actually say ‘I can ride’ before joining.

OK, I’ve got a long ways to go (being able to turn - intentionally- would be a plus), but I’m certainly closer to being a rider than I was this morning. Glad to join this forum, lots of inspiration here.


Congratulations zuni!

It is great to hear that you have conquered z uni! Good luck and happy wheeling. :sunglasses:

(great username!)

Congratulations Araz!

I know the feeling–I could not believe my first 200 feet, it felt like the greatest thing in the world! Then again, so did my first 100 feet, my first 50 feet, first 30 feet, first 10 feet, first foot! Unicycling is so totally rewarding, even if progress is slow, there is nothing like the UNIcycle’s own UNIque set of accomplishments…

For example, I can now ride around pretty well, I can make wide turns and I only stop when I decide to–however, I could never freemount, I was always using streetlamps, fences, etc to launch from.

Until today! Finally, I freemounted! Only once, but wow, was it an excellent feeling! I can’t wait to do it again!

Like yourself, I too am now certainly closer to being a rider than I was this morning. A great feeling!

Cheers, and lots of luck with your continuing progress!



To be honest, I wish I could unlearn all my years of unicycling just so I could repeat that feeling of jumping from 30 feet to 300. Its simply fantastic. Congrats on the progress, I’m sure your boyfriend will be sad that you don’t need to lean on him anymore :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on how you’re doing, the forum loves getting beginners to join.


Congratulations!! What a great feeling that is,I remember it well. I’ve been riding alot of years,but until recently have just never tried to further my skills,mainly because I don’t know anyone else who rides so I have been on my own since day one. I just started trying to ride backwards and idle this weekend. So hopefully I’ll get to experience that feeling of accomplishment again. I just ordered a uni for my son who will turn 10 on Wed. He’s been wanting to try for a while,so he’ll get his chance soon. I can’t wait to see his face when he gets the uni and then when he gets those first few unassisted pedals in.

That is a great signature!:smiley: :smiley:

:slight_smile: thanks, you’re the first one to compliment me on it. its amazing how creative you can be at 3:45 in the morning when you decide you need a new signature…


awesome! Hey, if yer tryin’ to turn, i would suggest turning yer upper body, and letting yer lower body follow, or or just doing lots of little twists (this method would work better on gravel, tho)


How did it feel to ride 100 meters today unassisted? How’s your freemounting coming along? I heard your boyfriend was showing off and tried to jump over your unicycle but landed on the rim and tacoed the wheel for you. Does riding a wonky wheel interfere with the learning process? I would make the boyfriend buy you a brand new unicycle if he turned yours into a POS.

Weight on the seat, breathe, look forward, round pedal strokes, don’t chicken out, fall off. The next goal you reach will be the one at 1/4 mile where you have to get off because your legs give out. You’re a rider. I’m surprised Klaas Bil isn’t clamoring for your statistics.

Say hi to Ned for me if you see him this week.

Re: Intro - Learning to ride

that’s one more of us and one less of them

very true
it’s a hypothetical question but how many riders would?


Thank you all for your replies and advice.

The turning thing… yeah, I need some work there.

On my second extended practice session, I rode 300 feet plus many shorter rides & practiced free-mounting (SO close.). Then my wheel got trashed (someone tried to jump over my uni on their uni, and landed on my wheel instead) and now it’s a P.O.S. I will be getting at least one new uni out of it, though, so maybe that’s OK.

Only problem with this uni thing is that it gives me one more thing to obsess/daydream about when I should be working.


So the obsession thing seems to be a common motif running through many of the threads on this forum.

I like to class myself as a serial compulsiven obsessive. So I focus without distraction on one thing for a long time, then for some weird reason I choose something else - family history, Triumph Heralds, unicycles…

I rode down my street tonight (after dark) and suddenly felt that I needed a larger wheel. Is this the start of buying many more unis?

Zuni you’re doing great. Keep up the good work!

Re: obsession

I prefer the term “Healthy Interest”.

Probably. :wink: Are you a smoker? I have never smoked, and justify MANY “me” purchases by spending what I’ve saved by not smoking a pack a day since I was 13.

Anyway - congratulations zuni! Keep on going, it can only get better from here, but watch out for those ballistic UPDs.


Re: Intro - Learning to ride

I have seen this girl ride and she’s incredible. She’s 25-30 hours into riding and has

1.) Ridden 4 different unicycles
2.) Freemounted 3 different unicycles
3.) Gone on a 5 mile ride (with lots of falls and rests)
4.) Ridden a MUni with a 24" Fireball tire off road AND freemounted it uphill AND downhill
5.) Gone through an entire 3 hour riding session with only one assisted mount.
6.) Turned both directions at will
7.) Ridden precariously close to the Stanley Park seawall.

Consider all of that AND she’s a flashy dresser. I think the accelerated learning progress is due to the fact that she has had engineering discussions with Steve Howard and has ridden with Kris Holm and given him some UW tips and gotten some riding tips from him. Or perhaps it’s determination.

Re: Intro - Learning to ride

Congratulations Araz…what a great story! It’s true that sometimes you do better on your own. I see some parallels here… There’s this guy in our local riding club that’s always trying to give us little riding tips, such as telling us our shoelace is untied when we’re spinning at top speed on a Coker. We’ve finally learned that it’s best to ignore his “help” and strike out on our own. Sounds like you’ve figured out the same…

See you down the one wheel trail…


Greg & Tom -

Thanks for your encouragement. Unicycling is way fun, and I’m pleased with my progress. Hope to be able to attend one of the West Coast MUni weekends in 2005. In the meantime, I need to learn to idle, hop, and ride longer distances.