Intro from Sacramento ca

Hi, I just got back into riding after a few years. My mountain bike broke so I got out my custom 24" Muni and started riding again. There are a lot of great trails around the American river to ride.
I started riding about 10 years ago on a 20" street uni. Then I got a Torker DX 24" for Christmas. I took the parts off the heavy Torker frame and made a CNC aluminum frame instead. I need to add some breaks but it is otherwise awesome. I am also planing on making a 26" or larger Muni eventually.


Hi MachineMan welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I loooove your uni frame, and am practically drooling lol!
Did you make it yourself? How would I go about getting one made?

Cheers, James

Yep, made it myself. I am planing on building another. It will be a 26". I have another set of legs sitting in the shop, but no crown. That was the hard part. My new design is even cooler. I will probably make more than one so I can sell them to fund the project.

Same here!

I guess I should get to work making some frames. I need to save up for all the other parts first. I need them to measure off of, so it all fits to gather. If someone had a 26" uni with a broken frame I might buy the other parts to work with.

Wow, love that frame! Nice work.

Greetings from another Sacramento rider

Hey Machineman, I love that frame. It almost looks steampunk.

I’m in Sac too, and I also love riding the offroad trails next to the American river. I particularly like the Paradise beach area.

Message me if you’d ever like to get together for a ride, I’d love to see that beauty in action.

Happy riding!

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