Intro from Cincinnati, OH


I’m somewhat of a newbie, I’ve had a 26 inch muni for 3 or 4 years and rode it now and then.

I bought a 36 inch KH around a month ago and have been consistently improving. I currently ride with 127mm cranks but I plan to put on 110mm/127mm cranks and ride with 110mm cranks on flat grounds.

Current personal best are longest distance: 17 miles (at 11.4mph average speed), highest average speed: 12.4 mph average speed and top speed: 18.0 mph. I’ve learned that safety gear is your friend (have had a couple of hard falls, once at almost 18 mph), I usually wear helmet, knee/shin pads, gloves, wrist guards, elbow/forearm guards and if I’m going for speed: bike shorts with hip protection.

I’m learning to idle and hop on my 26 inch, but I enjoy riding the 36 inch more. Want to take the 26 inch off-road at some point as well.

Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Have you tried riding your 36er off road? Loadsa fun to be had!

Your average and fastest speeds are good! So I wouldn’t say you’re ‘somewhat of a newbie’ lol

Tried off-road once right after I got it, decided I needed some more practice before I try again. Maybe I’ll give it a go again soon.

Yeah, guess I am at more of an intermediate level… Though I did just fall today while going at a normal speed (13ish mph) and doing nothing special, just hit a small bump and down I went - scraped my hands up a bit too; I’d forgot my gloves and by the time I realized it, I was a mile or so away and figured I would just ride safe and wouldn’t need them.

Ahh falls will happen… Just rub a bit of dirt on the wound and get back on! This is the advice my mother would give you lol! :wink:


Welcome to the forums, I’m an urban unicyclist also from Cincinnati and I also have a 29" muni that I ride occasionally. It’s nice to see I’m not the only unicyclist in Cincinnati. I happen live near Kings Island.

I find it super exciting that there’s another unicyclist in this area.

You guys know about the circus in Cincinnati?

Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

MUni often leave very LONG cranks on for the hills, both up and down, much more control.

Awesome, I live in Batavia area, but ride on the milford bike trail now and then. I’ve heard there is another unicyclist who has been seen in the Anderson township area, so there might be more of us around.

Yeah, though I may need to take a short break and ride safer so the road rash on my hip and shoulder can heal. I like to try to push my limits most of the time though. Need to work on not leaning forward as I go for higher speeds.

Yup, I have a friend who is in it. I started out as a juggler and came to unicycle later. But I do both as a sport and am not that interested in the entertainment aspect.

Thanks… More control, but less speed. I might need some three hole cranks so I can easily switch between 110mm for road riding and 150+mm for muni.

Which circus?

If you happen to be getting 3 hole mad4one’s, I’m thinking about ordering some stuff from them soon, so maybe we could do a group order type setup, to save on the ridiculous 30 euro shipping.

Sweet! I’ve been struggling to find unicyclists around here. I met someone in the circus once I believe but not many Ohio unicyclists are on the internet.

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