into the thunder dragon

OK, it’s already been noted that this is not my favourite uni movie.

this is not a review of the movie, please check the reviews if you want to say whether you like it or not.

I am just watching it now, and had to pause it to come write this.

My absolute favourite part of the movie (perhaps because I can relate…to a FAR lesser extent) is when Kris drops off oh, 5 feet at least, lands face first into the dirt and then shouts out, ‘Oh no! my tire!’

Isn’t it funny how we check the equipment, once that has proven fine, we look over ourselves?

It’s very cartoonish the way he literally springs back to his feet. He doesn’t get up, he uses the momentum from the fall to spring up. It’s one of my favorite parts. If that happened to me, they would have to call 911 (or whatever the number is in Bhutan).

It speaks volumes about his tremendous physical conditioning, skillful ability to fall safely, and his healthy attitude towards falling (failing?).

Dave (uni57)

I’m back… :slight_smile:

Kris is a very good faller…it always looks acrobatic. When I fall it looks spastic :wink:

That’s the one thing I hate about Kris;)

He’s back on his feet too fast. When I crash, I always lay there for a while as my life passes before my eyes, looking up at the blue sky. I think its nature’s way of telling me to sloooow down.

cheers… Mojoe

I don’t know if that really is a healthy attitude towards falling. It’s great that he can get right back up again, but he didn’t take a moment to check himself for injuries; he was worried about his wheel more than his personal well-being.
On the other hand, I can see where he’s coming from. If he tacoed his tire, I doubt he would be able to find a bike shop around which carried high-end unicycle components, which would have been a bummer to the trip. I might do the same thing at the California ride if I was the type do do things that might actually hurt my muni.

Re: into the thunder dragon

I dunno, that’s all over pretty quickly. The highlight to me is the STEPS. There have been some good riding down or hopping up steps footage in other vids…the bleacher steps in Universe comes to mind, but I’ve never seen anything like riding down those ancient things… In my dreams, the two time periods come together…and the original hunter/gatherer/traders are hiking up their newely-finished steps, hauling goats and beads up over the pass to trade in the neighboring village, and whoa Kris and Nathan come bouncing down them on unis. Alien invasion…