Into the Thunder Dragon, Men's Journal


The Dec. issue of Men’s journal lists Into the Thunder Dragon as “One of the 20 best adventure DVD’s of all time”, alongside films such as Touching the Void and Everest Imax.

Pretty cool; now if I could just get Blockbuster to carry it…


What an honour! Congrats!

But people could buy it for rougly the same price as Blockbuster would charge to rent it these days!

Thats great news Kris, I haven’t seen ITTD yet but its probably the next DVD I’m going to purchase, or maybe get for christmas. I’ve always loved those adventure style journeys, like Micheal Palins Himalaya.

Brian: I haven’t noticed any considerable drop in price of ITTD, and believe me i’ve been looking :p. The only thing thats stopped me purchasing it so far is the £20 price here in the UK, about 30% more than most other dvds. Even in the US its $3 more than defect and $5 more than most others.


yeah…but when’s the last time you rented from blockbuster! sheesh!



That’s reallt thrilling!

I Have to agree, it’s a great film!

I loved “Into the thunder dragon”
Keep up the good werk Kris;)

up there with touching the void? holy crap. that might be the best adventure movie ever. i know must get my hands on ITTD.

Thats awesome! I especially love the part when that guy just rides your unicycle down that trail :wink: .

No. Oh no. PLEASE don’t say that. Don’t do it to me, I JUST bought Defect and don’t need another one.