International Juggler's Festival

Hi all!

For those that will not make it to NAUUC or Unicon (aka, unicycling
Mecca) this year the International Jugglers Festival will be held in my
city of Reading, Pennsylvania! (Reading is about 1hr. drive from
Philadelphia, towards Harrisburg) Unicycling is not a main feature, of
course, but there will be unicyclists there, and I believe some
demonstrations by unicyclists. If I hear of enough interest I could set
up a group unicycle ride, either on a canal towpath or on “scenic” roads.
The dates are from July 16-20 so you could stop by on your way to

I will post more unicycling related stuff about the Festival as it
becomes available to me.

Jeff Tuttle

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yeah, it should be great fun for all. I plan on going. In an attempt to save some $$$, I wanted to find another person to share the cost of the room. If anyone wants to split a room with me, please e-mail me at I want to be at the festival for a couple of days, and I definately dont want to miss the championships, so I am planning to stay a couple of nights. Probably the last 2 nights.
-David Kaplan