intermediate trials back it up.

so i think its time for an intermediate trials back it up. the reg. one is a bit too easy for me but the expert is a bit to hard so anyone who is inbetween those like me can join in on this. im gunna say keep side hops under 1M for this comp but everything else is fair game. i dont have a cam yet so anyone feel free to start it off.

Cool, I’m in, but first I have to get my Kris home from my local bike shop. Probably monday or tuesday.

Im in.

I’m in :stuck_out_tongue:

tim you are just to good for intermediate.
I’m in.

lol,but I can help to back up somethings… :stuck_out_tongue:

and what is intermediate?? :roll_eyes:
90cm high jump?
1.80m gap?

OK you are in:p
sounds good for me.

I’m in!:slight_smile:

Who says that is his? He is just asking what intermediate is…

If I can find a place to store pallets I am in.

lol, it is what Any Terrain says: I just ask what intermediate is;)

and here are my stats… :stuck_out_tongue:

-SIF static hop: 91cm
-SIF prehop: 104cm

-SIF prehop pedalgrap: 130cm
-SIF Static pedalgrab: 115cm

-SIF/SI Static gap: 205cm
-SIF over a bar: 87cm
-SI Drop: 220 cm

90 cm sidehop

Okay I’ll start out… this is a hop I did yesterday… hope it is what you mean with intermediate…

ok im in but ill do all my lines blind (as in non preferred hand and direction i hop) :stuck_out_tongue:

wish i had a camera to back it up. im limiting it to 1m side hop so that it will push it in to more techy stuff. most of the back it up i see is to just do big side hops and to me thats not where the heart of trials is. we need more skinnies and techy gaps. :smiley:

Only reason it ends up like that is cause not everyone has exact same height/width posts or rails etc.

ya well we will alow a little bit of difference on this one then. as long as its the same idea then its good. or maybe we should start a comp where you make a list of certain common objects people have at their disposal and whoever can make the gnarliest line out them them wins. that sounds cool. i just want a trials comp thats not all prehops and flat gaps. whos with me?

I like this idea

ok well i will start a new thread with it then i will just call it “the list” game.

I think I will back this up :wink:
I will post the vid in the evening… :slight_smile:

  1. 90cm side hop
  2. 1.8m gap, from 45cm high to 45cm high (or from 3pallets to 3pallets)