interior crocidile alligator uni-style

heres my new video it includes my first 4 pallet sidehop. yea the song is awsome. lol

Cool vid. I find the song a bit repetitive but that’s just my perspective.

Honestly, i don’t think you could have picked a worse song. I wasn’t able to watch the entire vid because of it.

other then that though, your getting better!

yea i know i hate the song. i didnt put it on though. ill see if i can do anything about it!

okay so what you say doesnt really make sense. who put it on then?

He was obviously being sarcastic when he said it was awesome Max. But i’m still confused about who put the song in the vid though unless someone else edited it.

my freind edited it because it was his camer because i had frogotten mine. i put a new song on it with audioswap on youtube. in a few hours it will be a new song

video not there.

its not there

Still not there

for some reason the video keeps getting messed up im working on it it’ll be up again later today