Interesting Unicycle Collection For Sale

I would have posted this under the “Post Unicycles for sale on other sites here!” thread, but I thought this one might engender broad interest. Saw this on craigslist today, and have no other knowledge about the seller.


These have been posted on Unicycle Chat on facebook at least twice but I think they are most valuable to a collector and I am unsure of how many unicycle collectors exist who have SO much money they can put $2000 down on a zig zag giraffe and $1500 down on a 56" etc

and the seller is in Atlanta, which is also where is located. Hmmmm.

I actually posted that ad in the other thread, the first time it came up on craigslist, and sure enough, it apparently didn’t generate enough interest!

I’m in Atlanta, if you ride offroad we should get together sometime.

I aspire to off road riding, but have limited capabilities. I’ll shoot you a PM.