Interesting stunt

At yesterday’s UTU club meeting I saw something I’ve never seen before.

Guy Hansen rode an impossible wheel in an handstand!

It was incredibly impressive even though the distance was not great. I think on his best run he may have gone over a meter.

One of the other club members may have gotten some pictures. If not, I’ll make a point to get some next time we meet.


What about when Guy attempted (and nearly landed) that transition from hand wheel walk to hand pedaling? That was pretty damn impressive, too.

Yeah, it was. I forgot about that. Plus my post was supposed to be bagpiperboy’s cue to post the pics he got.

I think that UTU may become known as the “hand-pedal” team. There are several riders who can now hand pedal.

As for me…

I think I’ll stick to feet.


Congratulations on finding a job. Are you settling in well?


took the hint, just haven’t been walkin on the threads for a while some are a bit blurry, sorry, the last few are just regular impossible wheelin’, the last one is for Richard, jumpin’ over a chair.

-Jonathan Ware-