Interesting Energy gel holder for distance riding

Thought I’d share this.

I was just pondering this the other day - that unlike a bike which has lots of crevices to stuff energy bars and whatnots, for unis, any extra pouches might obstruct you or cause you to slow down (think saddle pouches) when retrieving them.

This grip sticks on your bike frame and secures packets of energy gels. I’ve also come across this alternative idea for a grip - using those silicon wrist bands (like the LiveStrong ones) to tie small tools and trinkets to your handlebar (the guy rides a bike).

Really good for those muni riders that need a refreshment.

But that’s what the pockets in cycling jerseys are for! Interesting though, although I’m not sure I’d trust it not to fall out before I ate it.


i think it has the added functionality that it’s attached by the top so when you rip it off the handlebars it tears the top off the sachet, opening it for you.

I guess it’s for triathlon people - where they wear wacky suits rather than cycling clothes, so don’t have the jersey pockets to put things in.

Is there anywhere on a unicycle where it’d be sensible to stick one of those holders though? I guess if you have a massive handlebar there might be somewhere on it.


Also they like spending money on things for little reason.





Brilliant :smiley: