Intense comp. 3.0 DH tyre

i did a little search and it seems that most people think the intense 3.0 DH tyre is not good…

i could get one of these for $30 bucks and i think they are usally 50 or 60.should i pass?

take it. I love the tire. It isnt quite as big as a gazzaloddi but it seems to have just as a good of traction, and it has stiffer sidewalls.

i did another search and found out that its not accualy a 3.0 like a Gazz 3.0 how much smaller is it and what about pavement riding?

the knobs look pretty big.

thing is, the knobs are as wide, but the casing isnt. heres a pic of both full of mud, and the frame size is identical:


oh yeah, my trials abilities were not hindered at all when I switched from my big Kujo (actually a couple mm’s bigger than gazz’s casing) to the intense. Yes, the knobs are big and well spaced.
Also, some pics of my Muni with the intense:

thanx for your definatly looks like a smaller casing.

Go to here to see a good comparison of tire sizes:

They have a chart that lists various tires (including the Intense, Gazz, Arrow, Kujo …) with their inside casing dimension as well as overall width. Also notice their price for the 24 x 3.0 Gazz - just ordered one Friday. They’re in Salt Lake City so UPS ground is only one day away from me.

Steve Howard

Another thing …

Max -

those epoxied T nuts in your CF seat base look really clean. I have a new, untouched CF base that I’ll for sure use your T nut method on when I’m ready to build it up.

Steve Howard

thanks, they’re 1/4 - 20 4 pronged, we drilled a small hole for one of the prongs and bent the others back.

it looks like isnt working right now,i’ll try later.

the Intense tyre had sold already so i guess i’ll never know if i like it or not.i did pick up a Kenda Kenetics 2.6 tire for $25 bucks.ive never seen this Kenda before but its got better tread than a Kollosal (more pavement friendly)

this new Kenetic tyre was one hell of a pain to get on the rim and i broke one of my pedro DH levers getting the Hookwerm off.

theres a picture here: . about half way down. that looks like it’ll work.

YOU BROKE A DH TIRE LEVER WITH THE HOOKY? arent those burly and steel? big and strong? DH tires do tend to have a very tight bead, I cant even get the intense on by myself, but I wouldnt have considered the hook a DH type tire…

yes i busted a fat Pedros DH lever on the worm,as far as i know the hookworm is the same DH casing as there knobbied tyres,just that its a slick.this means that its a 3 lever tyre,i broke one and was able to get it off with 2 but what ah be eye tee see H.

here a pick of the Kinetic i pulled off your link,i have the rear version.