Installing Splined Cranks

I just removed the splined cranks on a KH29" and was wondering about putting them back on. Is there a trick to line them up or do you just eyeball them. This thing was creakin is that normal? Thanks.

yeah splined hub and cranksets will creak a bit…and there is not trick to putting on the cranks just make sure that the cranks are directly opposite from eachother.

Splined Cranks

It’s hard to see if they are lined up directly across. I was wondering if there are any tricks. I’m sure if I eyeball them they could easily be a few splines off on each side. I’m not sure it would make much difference.

Acctually It Can Make Quite A Bit Of Difference…just Try Your Best…maybe Mark The Splines On Each Side So That You Line Them Up Right…there Really Is No Trick.

Those 36-spline KH cranks can be tricky. I had mine off by just 1 spline for a handful of rides and didn’t notice. I suggest holding up a straight stick to compare with the line through the pedals and crank bolts to be sure you have them at 180 degree from each other.

KH-29 unwanted noises

My KH-29 was making some noise as I rode it but it wasn’t the cranks. The spokes on those wheels touch each other and they will groan as the spokes load and unload. After tightening up the spokes all the way around a few times and failing to fix the sound, I rubbed a candle on the spokes where they crossed. This was enough to eliminate the noise which was in the spokes not the cranks.

It should be plenty obvious when you put those cranks on if they are right. You can eyeball it. If you think you may have it wrong, check one spline either side of true to confirm.


Re: Installing Splined Cranks

Put them off one spline, then 2, then 3 etc. Eventually you can ride a
kangaroo without ever having had to practice.

I think my cranks are off by one or a few splines.
The first ride felt avkward (sp?) but now I have gotten used to it. So it´s all cool.

Carey - If your spokes are creaking it might be because they’re not adequately stress relieved, doing the thing on the bottom of with the crankarm might help.

To the original person I think the new KH hubs are supposed to not creak, or at least be much less likely to. Maybe grease things before you put the crank back on and then get it done up nice and tight.