Installing Disc Brakes

So I was thinking of buying a disc brake for a 24" Uni, but was wondering what all was involved with the installation. Would I need a different hub or frame? Before I buy a disc brake (I was thinking of the one from UDC called 43" Bengal Helix 1.1 Disc Brake White for $160.00) I want to know what I am getting involved in price and work-wise.
Thank you in advanced for helping.

a retrofit kit with mount is in the works…

There is only one disc compatible uni hub being made and it is for touring unis only. It has an aluminum alloy spindle which would not hold up under anything but road riding.

UDC is supposed to release a steel spindled disc compatible hub in the next six months, not sure about adapting a frame for disc brakes, but it’s certainly possible. Probably be cheaper and easier to buy a new frame since these will liekly be available when the hubs are released.

There is also a crank mounted disc brake system, do a search for more details.