Installing a carbon fibre seat base

Could anyone give me some guidelines as to how to install a carbon fibre seat base on a KH20. I have no idea where to start.


link–>GB4 tutorial may help<–link

that sorta helped, but this is for doing trials, on a KH20

What more could you want to know?

Basically follow the instructions there except use the bolt patterns for the KH handle and bumper. Then instead of installing an air seat install the foam from your KH seat and toss your fusion cover back over it all.

Where abouts in Ottawa do you live? We tend to do weekly trials/street rides downtown, you should join us. I also tend to ride at Legacy skatepark alot, so lemme know if your in the area for a ride.

I live in Kanata.

There have been lots of threads about the process. Unfortunately, no good tutorials, but the threads give enough information to be able to work your way through.

Do a search on “drill carbon fiber” (without the quotes) and for search type select “Boolean”.

It may not answer all of your questions, but will get you started.

thanks everyone, this looks like it will work