Here's the tale of the tape, curtesy of the U.S. Government. Per
 MIL-STD-1472D, Human Engineering Design Criteria for Military Systems,
 Equipment and Facilties, the numbers are:

                             Percentile Values in Centimeters

                        5th Percentile 95th Percentile

                 Ground Aviators Women Ground Aviators Women Troops Troops

 Crotch Height 76.3 74.7 68.1 91.8 92 83.9

 Glutial Furrow 73.3 74.6 66.4 87.7 88.1 81.0 Height

 The data is for nude body measurements. The ground troops consists of
 measurements of 6,682 U.S. Army men and 2,008 Marines in 1966. The
 aviators consist of 1,482 U.S. Army pilots in 1970. The women consist of
 1,300 AWACS and nurses in 1977. Adjustments due to age, inflation, etc.
 are left up to the user.