INSA 24 hours - France - may 18/19

Hello all,
On may 18th to may 19th, there will be an endurance race in France. It is the “24 heures de l’INSA” (INSA’s 24 hours in english).
The idea is a race around a small loop (1,9 kms approximatly 1.2 miles in freedom units), around which you turn during 24 hours. In the mean time, there is one of the France’s biggest festivals happenning in the same area.
I will be participating in solo, but it is possible to go in teams of at least four peaople.
If you want to join the adventure, you can register on
The race will start at 14:00 on the saturday, and end at the same hour on the sunday.

It is originally a bike race, but unis are allowed, and compete in a separate category (with other not bike bikes)

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Never heard this one before :melting_face:

Wow 24 hrs on unicycle saddle your bum will never forgive you.


I am not so sure about that.
Currently my longest ride was around 12 hours of saddle time in a day (13,5 h of elapsed time).
I don’t remember having a too sore butt afterwards (rubbing on the inner thigh was way worse, I also had pain in a ball). Aerobars help a lot about this, but they generate pain in arms and muscle soreness in shoulders.

I was afraid to bring up the private area but I figured they would take a beating also. Good luck and pad up.

I usually don’t use padding, and just ride with normal underwears and a sport short. As long as there is no big seam, it is perfectly fine, and don’t add width to the saddle

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